What Is Thotsbay? The “Dangerous Website”, Explored


Thotsbay is a very useful website where users can upload and share their pictures generally in compromising and sexually explicit situations. In fact, it’s also worth noting that in this place, you can get Onlyfans videos for free. As we know, there are a lot of websites like these where it’s possible to upload or share explicit images. Additionally, one may also find the sexual images of others on these websites. 

The titular site provides you with access to all sorts of explicit images easily. Moreover, as stated above, one can also find OnlyFans videos on this site for free. If you want to know more about this website, then you should go through this article, and find out all you need to know about the site in question.

What Is Thotsbay?

What Is Thotsbay?

According to the reports, Thotsbay has become an infamous website on the internet where users can share and upload their images in a sexually explicit manner or in compromising situations. So, while it’s true that the site has been banned in several countries, it’s not entirely eradicated. In other words, it’s still able to access this site from a few places, albeit with proper channels. 

There are many reasons why users generally visit this website in the first place. As we mentioned just now, this site provides users with the means to share their private pictures. In addition, one can also check out the Onlyfans videos, or compromising videos of others through this channel. As such, it’s a very dangerous website for sure. So, while it’s true that the site has become notorious as a dangerous site, millions of people visit this site every month. So, why do people visit in the first place you ask? 

Most people usually visit to know what this site has, and also for fun. Some people also believe that this site is actually a satirical take on society, while others also believe that this dangerous site promotes sexual assault. Whatever the reason is, there’s no denying that Thotsbay has become notorious for being a medium where it’s possible to share explicit photos and videos. In other words, it can go against the privacy of people. 

How To Use Thotsbay?

It’s very easy to use this website as long as you have an internet connection. While many people consider this site dangerous or harmful, it’s also true that millions visit this site on a regular basis. Although it’s a disturbing website, you may like to know that you only need an internet browser and an Internet connection to access this site. 

However, people should also need to know that the govt has banned this site in most countries. As such, the only way to visit this site is to use VPNs or proxy servers. In other facts, despite being banned, this website has continued to thrive. 

How To Use Thotsbay?

Pros & Cons of Thotsbay

As we have already mentioned earlier, Thotsbay provides a means for users to upload their explicit photos. In other words, it’s a site where people can post videos or pictures of themselves in compromising situations. While multiple news outlets have labeled this site as “dangerous”, it’s still a website that a lot of people visit on a regular basis. Since it has become popular, there are many people who want to know about its pros and cons. 

Here are some of the pros of the Thotsbay website:

  • It provides a safe space for people who wish to upload their personal embarrassing pictures and videos. 
  • Lots of people also find it comforting to know that this site offers security in sharing these types of pictures with others. In fact, this site also offers anonymous sending of the pictures. 
  • Users can experiment with different sexual positions and settings without fear of being judged. In other words, this site offers users the means to be expressive. 

While it’s true that there are many pros, risks can come from any level. Let’s discuss some of the risks of using this Thotsbay website:

  • This site makes users vulnerable to online bullying
  • Engages people in risky activities. 
  • Hamper user privacy. 


At the end of the day, Thotsbay is a controversial website, and it’s not endorsed to be used in any way. Nonetheless, many users have found pleasure in visiting this website for obvious reasons. 

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