Will Byers: Noah Schnapp Just Confirmed His Sexuality for the First Time

Will Byers

Stranger Things is a fictitious character in the American sci-fi horror drama series Stranger Things, and Will Byers plays a major role in this. Noah Schnapp was a supporting character in the first season before being promoted to regular in the second.

First public statement about Will Byers’ sexuality

Volume 2 of Season 4 premiered on July 1 and featured Eleven’s battle against the villainous Vecna, who plans to destroy Hawkins and take over the world.

But it’s a scene involving Noah Schnapp’s Will Byers and Mike Wheeler in particular that has the internet buzzing (Finn Wolfhard).

Moreover,  many people believe this proves Will is gay.

Schnapp shared his thoughts on the subject in an interview with Variety. He reflected, “Was it just that he grew up slower than his peers?  

Although, It was always there, but you had no idea.”

“Now that he is older, they have made it very real and obvious.

Schnapp went into greater detail about the gradual buildup to the big reveal .

Climax, assuring us that this was the plan all along.

“This season, it’s clear that Will has feelings for Mike.  Although, “They’ve done it on purpose for the last few seasons,” he explained.

He feels like a mistake and an outsider.  However, Will’s underlying sentiment has always been this.”

Will is gay and has struggled to come out since falling in love with Mike on Stranger Things. 

First public statement about Will Byers' sexuality
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Schnapp admits, “I was bawling the entire day” while filming the scene”

Surprisingly, it appeared more subtle on screen. Furthermore,  I have the most fun just messing around with Will.

Will also shows Mike a drawing from the first volume of Dungeons & Dragons depicting the original group as fantasy characters slaying a three-headed dragon.

Moreover, when Will talks about how difficult it is for Eleven in California because she is different, he expresses his own feelings and longing for Mike.

Will explains how being an outlier can make you feel like you’ve made a mistake.

You reassure her that she is perfect just the way she is and that her differences make her stronger, which encourages her to continue.

Although, ” Will’s brother Jonathan drives while Will, who is crying, looks out the van window away from Mike, who can be seen in the rear-view mirror (Charlie Heaton)? Jonathan expresses his undying love for Will at a later emotional moment between the two brothers.

Will Byers in Season 4

However, Will tells Mike about Eleven’s plight after seeing her attack Angela, her main tormentor. Moreover, Will joins forces with Mike, Jonathan, and Jonathan’s friend Argyle to find Eleven while evading the US Army.

Moreover, dustin’s girlfriend Suzie assists in locating the coordinates for the NINA project stranger things will byers, shows Mike his painting of him and his friends fighting a dragon together before they reach Eleven.

Will claims the painting was Eleven’s idea, but then quietly sobs.

As her friends arrive to save her, Eleven quickly dispatches the Army.

Later, Jonathan tells Will that he loves him and that he will be there for him if he suspects that he is going through something unspoken. 

Moreover, with the help of Will, Mike, Jonathan, and Argyle, Eleven fights Vecna telepathically inside an isolation tank. Will senses the Upside Down’s return just as it begins to infiltrate Hawkins.

Will Byers in Season 4
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Is Will Byers Gay?

Noah Schnapp, who plays Will Byers on the Netflix show “Stranger Things,” has spoken out about his character’s sexual orientation. 

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