Importance of Music in Education

Music Education

Science has proved a very important fact that music helps children self-discipline, build teamwork and self-esteem, and also helps build higher thinking skills. Whether being alone or in class with peer group music teaches children to be in a disciplined environment. Music education is very important today for children because it gives them a steadiness while studying. Let me clear it how, everyone must have noticed that most of the time poems are written in a rhythmic way which can be sung. It is so because when music is collaborated with any kind of literature it removes boredom from it and the learner starts enjoying it.

In student life many times when learners or students are unable to solve any problem or question and can’t ask anyone or cannot get help from anywhere then a feeling of solitude & loneliness surrounds the mind, now this is where music helps students to lighten the mind and focus to think and find out solutions. Counsellors often recommend for students to have music sessions because music is a great stress reliever. Even the internet is flooded over with several such music which are particularly composed to relieve stress and bring calm and peace to the mind due to which the mind and heart feel lightened and full of joy and get ready to learn any new subject or topic.

According to some studies conducted over some students it was found that music brings the thinking level of children to a higher level and empowers the learner’s mind to come across the complexity of questions and courses. Music brings a sense of sharing to the heart, it is so because a musician shares his music with other musicians and gets accompanied with his music, then a melodious atmosphere is created. From here a student learns a sense of sharing and companionship. Today when education has found several innovative ways to reach students then through online education anyone can learn music.

Online classes are providing any kind of music learning course one wishes to join where courses related to singing and playing any kind of musical instrument are taught by professionals. Also, if one hesitates to learn in a class, can install several online teaching apps related to music, these online teaching apps provide theoretical as well as practical knowledge of music. It is a misconception that musical instruments which are played technically by hand can’t be taught online. Professionals are teaching this in online classes in an efficient way. 

It is also seen among the benefits of learning music by children that even if they play a single instrument, even then they learn how to concentrate. Actually, it is a psychological phenomenon that when one likes to play a musical instrument, he/she devotes himself/herself completely while playing that instrument, which creates a deep sense of concentration, which also helps students to focus on their studies. A very astonishing fact was discovered that music helps students to understand mathematics. It is so because when students learn any musical instruments or singing then to get into a correct tone quality in a calculative manner, he has to use fractions and addition/subtraction to determine each note value. And it is said that if you are having difficulty learning anything then connect it to the work you enjoy to do, you will learn it automatically. 

Education counsellors when perform counselling of any student who is continuously getting failures and losing hope too to get over it, the first suggestion they give him is to learn any musical instrument so that the volcano of emotional distress in his/ her heart can erupt and it can soothe his mind and heart then only he/ she can be able to study properly and memorize the study material. Musical study enables the mind of students to connect with the outer world because people always get attracted towards good music. Those students who are little introverts and have problems with facing people, they get attention and people themselves come to meet them and connect with them. In this way music also makes students extroverted and develop a good level of confidence in students. In foreign countries along with normal study extra-curricular activities are attached with curse material to develop hidden talents in students and among those activities music stands at top of the list.

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