Where to Look for Inspiration When Planning Your Company’s Mobile App

Planning Your Company’s Mobile App
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With more and more consumers gravitating toward on-the-go searching and buying, a robust mobile presence becomes essential for business. Think beyond a responsive website, too, because consumers expect direct accessibility. Developing a mobile app is a necessary investment for many big brands and small businesses alike, as apps can enhance customer engagement, revenue, and brand recognition.

Industry projections reinforce the value of mobile apps for businesses. US app market revenue is expected to reach $230.4 billion by 2027 at an impressive annual growth rate of 10.06%. Missing out on your chunk means losing more than revenue and profits. Without an app in your portfolio, you may lose recognition, loyalty, and a competitive advantage. 

With 8.93 million smartphone apps already live worldwide, developing one that stands out requires familiarity with trends, along with plenty of creative inspiration. Even if your product competes with a few hundred apps, you must ensure it is appealing enough to hook and convert potential buyers. Fortunately, you can explore various avenues to seek inspiration to develop a unique one.

We will share a few strategic insights regarding where to look for inspiration and ideas when planning your mobile app.

Go Back to Your Website

If you already have a website, it just might be the best place to look for information and inspiration for your mobile app. You can consider converting your website to a mobile app for a consistent brand experience. 

After all, brand consistency is one of the biggest assets for a business. Companies increasingly document and adhere to their own branding guidelines, which is an encouraging trend.

Replicate your website’s content, overall design, and user interface while deciding on the elements of your company’s mobile app. The idea is to ensure a smooth transition for your audience and enhance brand recognition, regardless of the channel users opt for to search or buy from your company.

Using your website as a starting point also helps make the app development workflow easier, because all the assets are already in place. There are services that can help you transform an existing website into an app without any heavy lifting. You can tailor an app that resonates with your brand and the expectations and preferences of your audience.

Look at Your Competitors’ Apps

Your competitors can be a valuable source of inspiration when it comes to running a business and designing marketing campaigns. Mobile app development is no exception. After all, with users spoiled for choice, you cannot expect them to settle for less. They want to stick with apps offering unique and impeccable user experience.

Will you have offerings that go above and beyond your competitors? Will your app excel on the user experience front? If not, check what your rivals are doing especially well, or especially poorly, to see where you might be able to differentiate.

Identify your top competitors and dig deep into their mobile apps to analyze design elements, features, and functionalities that resonate with users. Consider both positive and negative aspects to plan or refine your app concept. 

Remember that checking others is not about copying them, but getting inspiration so you can do better.  

Listen to Your Audience

Listening to your audience is vital in the modern business landscape. 

Your audience’s feedback is free yet an invaluable source of inspiration. It is a direct way to know what your users expect. Engage with your customers through surveys, customer support channels, and social media to gather insights into their pain points and preferences. 

According to a 2022 survey, 61% of businesses implement a social listening system. More than 82% also consider social listening as a key planning element. 

With this source of inspiration, you can integrate unique ideas for features that can set your mobile app apart. 

Check Relevant App Category Leaderboards

Getting inspired by the best in the industry is a wise move when developing a business asset as crucial as a mobile app. 

Whether you plan a platform-specific app (for Android or iOS users) or a cross-platform product, remember to check the relevant app category leaderboards on the App Store and Google Play. It enables you to uncover user-favorite apps, top features, and the latest trends within your niche.

The best thing about using leaderboards is that you do not have to spend time researching the top-ranking apps. Performing in-depth market research on these platforms gives you a clear and comprehensive understanding of user expectations. 

You can use it to align your app with the current app development trends, user expectations, and industry standards.

Final Thoughts

Unless you’re using an app builder platform, the cost of developing and maintaining an app can easily run into thousands of dollars, so you should not create one without proper planning. Before investing in a mobile app, business owners should seek strategic inspiration. 

Exploring the right sources is crucial, because it can help ensure the success and distinction of your app in a competitive marketplace. Look at the right places, and integrate the best features to build a remarkable app.