5 Benefits Of Wearing Men’s Underwear

5 Benefits Of Wearing Men’s Underwear

To wear or not to wear underwear is the question? With the growing term ‘commando’ being used to express the act of not wearing underwear getting popular among the masses. How does going commando benefit the men? It does not other than letting the air pass or creeping out the girls. What is the point of not keeping your guard up? Nothing. Why move around freely, unsafe, unguarded when you can do the opposite and save yourself the embarrassment. Yes, going commando can get you into more embarrassing situations than you can ever imagine that too in public.

To make you realise and change your mind about going commando, 5 benefits of wearing underwear are listed down below.

  1. Save yourself from chaffing down THERE:

Going commando can make you feel comfortable for a while only. After an hour, your groin would start irritating because of the friction between skin and cloth piece rubbing against each other. Not all fabric is soft, men wear jeans, pants and cotton shorts and that can be abrasive to your groin. The irritation that occurs when skin rubs with the fabric is called chaff. The underwear works as a barrier between the groin and fabric while working as a second layer of clothing.

  1. Embarrassing sweat stains:

Sweat stains, be it anywhere on the body are a big turn off for anyone. It makes you look tacky, unclean and very less attractive. Imagine having sweat stains down there on your pants or grey trousers in public during a hot summer day, it is hard to imagine without feeling cringy. Underwears while working as a barrier between the fabrics, it also absorbs sweat well. Underwear helps in preventing the pants from sweat stains and save you from embarrassment.

  1. How not to look like a CREEP:

One time, you do not wear underwear and go out a subway or take the metro, fall asleep during your long ride to some part of the city. You wake up and see people staring at you in disbelief! You look down and see your junior flashing himself to everyone. It has happened more times than you would want to admit. Branded Undergarments saves you from looking like a creep. What if your zipper broke or you forgot to zip up after using the loo? YES! You need underwear to save you from flashing at everyone.

  1. No wet spot trick:

Without your willingness, your junior decides to stay wet the entire day. No matter how makes times you try to shake it dry, it still leaves a few drops. To avoid such accidents of wet stains on your front, wear underwear. Because, with men, it only gets worse with age. Those of you who plan on starting to wear underwear, you can order innerwear online if you forget to buy them from the store.

  1. Look sexier:

Going commando leaves no surprises at all. You are not left with anything to seduce with other than your own device and yourself. Most of the girls can get offended by this act. So going without guards can be a turn off for her. And, no matter how sexy you are, this would surely bring you down. Good underwear can give you a very sexy look, with all the befits that you read above.

In the end, it all comes down to comfort and freedom. Going commando doesn’t offer that. Stay healthy and comfortable while saving yourself from a hundred thousand awkward and embarrassing situations. With the fast-growing online shopping industry, you can buy anything from men’s vest to underpants without any hassle.