Top 8 Gaming Monitors 2023

Gaming Monitors

1. ASUS CG32UQ 32″ 4K WideScreen LED Gaming Monitor Response Time 5 ms AMD FreeSync Low Blue Light 

Screen size   31.5 inches (3840 x 2160)
Response Time 5 ms
Aspect ratio 16:9
Refresh Rate 60 Hz


The ASUS CG32UQ 4K is one of the best gaming monitors. With a DCI-P3 of 95% and HDR technology, this gaming monitor will make all your gaming dreams come true! The regional brightness of up to 600 cd/m² enables a dynamic colour portrayal ranging from deep blacks to bright whites. The 10-bit colour serves a cinema-grade gamut, which is significantly better than any standard sRGB display. Some other amazing features of the monitor include the following.

  • You might have seen illuminating lights at the rear of huge screens usually installed in gaming centres and 3D cinemas. With the latest Halo Sync technology, you can bring that experience home! This feature distributes ambient light to your walls, with 66 controllable RGB LEDs built into the rear of the gaming monitor. Halo Sync uses an intelligent technology that integrates the LED lights with the graphics appearing over the screen.
  • Gaming monitors usually take 27–40 milliseconds to catch up with your actions, but the “Game Fast Input Technology” reduces the latency between input and output to just 13 milliseconds.
  • The monitor uses “AMD Radeon Free Sync Technology,” which adjusts the refresh rate from 40 to 60 Hz. The AMD technology is integrated with all three HDMI ports, making all of your gaming accessories super-efficient.
  • The ASUS CG32UQ 4K comes with a multitude of audio modes, i.e., (i) FPS (first-person shooter). (ii) racing; (iii) movies; and (iv) combat mode. Each of them comes with distinct audio settings that help boost your mood and productivity instantly.

2. ASUS TUF Gaming VG279Q1A Gaming Monitor –27 inch Full HD (1920×1080), IPS, 165Hz (above 144Hz), Extreme Low Motion Blur™, Adaptive-sync, FreeSync™ Premium, 1ms (MPRT)


Screen size   27 inches (1920 x 1080)
Response Time <2mn  
Aspect ratio 16:9
Refresh Rate 165Hz


The ASUS TUF Gaming Monitor is a top-tier device exclusively designed for professional gamers. With an ultrafast refresh rate of 165 Hz and a 1 ms response time enabled via “ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur, “these computer monitors are the perfect invention for all gaming fanatics.

  • The 27-inch screen comes with a 178-degree viewing angle, enabling minimum distortion and smooth colour shift from all possible viewpoints. The tilt-able chassis aids the gamer even more in adjusting the screen to their preferred viewing angle.
  • The ultrafast refresh rate of 165 Hz not only reduces the latency between input and output but also provides a viable advantage by showing real-time strategy and sports titles.
  • ASUS Shadow Boost enabled via “ASUS Display Widget Lite” is the perfect wizard for trailing around within the game. This feature effectively enhances the game’s darker areas without over highlighting the brighter areas, providing the player with an in-depth yet dynamic view of every small detail.

As a professional gamer, you will spend the majority of your time in front of a gaming monitor. To protect your eyes from any harmful radiation, ASUS TUF uses “Ultra-Low Blue Light Technology,” which comes with four additional modes. You can change the mode depending on your personal preference and consumption pattern. But that’s not it. To go the extra mile, there is also “Flicker Free Technology” embedded in the monitor, which reduces eye strain and provides increased comfort.

3. HP Omen 24.5″ FHD 144Hz LED Gaming Monitor Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Resp Time: 1ms HDMI DP

Screen size   24.5 inches (1920 x 1080)
Response Time 1ms   
Aspect ratio 16:9
Refresh Rate 144 Hz


The “ADM Free Sync Technology,” integrated with an ultrafast response rate of 1 Ms, provides an action-packed experience along with fascinating views. The HP Omen 24.5″ is one of the best gaming monitors in 2023, with unmatched specifications and captivating additional features.

  • The 24.5-inch display comes with “AMD Free Sync Technology,” which is exclusively designed to provide crystal-clear views to the users. The Full HD Display ensures top-notch display quality with stunning visuals and brilliant details.
  • To avoid putting extra strain on your eyes, there is an in-built “Low Blue Light” mode that sets the spectrum within a warmer context.
  • With a lightning-fast response time of 1 ms and an ultrafast refresh rate of 144 Hz, the latency period is minimised significantly. Your actions match the graphics instantly and make you extra compatible within the gaming arena.
  • There is a built-in headphones hook, which means that you don’t have to plug and unplug the headphones whenever you start or end your gaming session. Just keep the headphones in a safe place and re-join at the next session.

4. Lenovo Legion Y27gq-20 27-inch WLED Gaming Monitor Aspect Ratio: 16:9, Resp. 1 ms


Screen size   27 inches, 2560 x 1440
Response Time <2ms
Aspect ratio 16:9
Refresh Rate 165 Hz


  • The Lenovo Legion gaming monitors have NVIDIA® G-SYNCTM technology, which dynamically adjusts the response rate to less than 2 ms and a refresh rate of 165 Hz to eliminate motion blur and stuttering from the user’s experience. The time-critical combination provides turbo-charged action speed, which is the ultimate dream of every true gamer!
  • The audio-visual quality of the Lenovo Legion Y27gq is one of its core distinguishing characteristics. The resolution of 2560 x 1440 provides a vivid experience for the user. There is TÜV Eye Comfort installed in the system, which minimises harmful glare and blue light. The sound system is Harman Kardon certified, and an optional USB port for attaching an external speaker or headphones is also available. There is a retractable headphone hook attached to the monitor, which provides significant convenience to the user.
  • There are a multitude of USB ports to cover all your connectivity needs, including HDMI 1.4, DP 1.2, USB 3.0, and an audio jack.

5. Philips Momentum 3000 27″ FHD Gaming Monitor with Integrated Speakers and AMD FreeSyncAspect Ratio 16:9 Refresh Rate 165Hz Response Time 1ms-27M1N3200VS/00 HDMI DisplayPort


Screen size   27 inches (1920 x 1080)
Response Time 1ms
Aspect ratio 16:9
Refresh Rate 165 Hz


The Philips Momentum 3000 is a gaming monitor worth every penny spent on it. The display comes in very high quality, which seems far more expensive than the original price of the monitor. As is evident from the specifications mentioned above, the response rate of 1 ms and the refresh rate of 165 Hz make the monitor extremely rapid and efficient. The “Thin Film Transistor” helps in the development of stable images, which are further sharpened via an exceptional dot pitch of 0.258 mm. If you are looking for a monitor that can be used for both gaming and personal use, then this is one of the best computer monitors for you.

6. MSI Optix G241 23.8″ Full HD IPS LED Monitor Aspect Ratio 16:9 HDMI DP Response 1 ms – 9S6-3BA41T-006


Screen size   23.8 inches (1920 x 1080)
Response Time 1ms
Aspect ratio 16:9
Refresh Rate 144 Hz


The MSI Optix eSports Monitor helps you visualise your gaming victories in a spectacular fashion. The display is equipped with an IPS panel, which eliminates all distortions from images and also optimises the screen colours in a way that boosts your productivity levels. Having a super-efficient response time and refresh rate makes it an ideal monitor for fast-moving games such as first-person shooters, racing, real-time strategy, and eSports. The Gamut coverage embedded in the gaming monitor provides a cinematic feel to the product’s outlook. Last, but not least, there is “AMD FreeSync Technology” integrated with the system, which minimises motion blur and stutter—the two worst enemies of a gamer. This ultra-smooth monitor is the best choice for individuals who hate time lags and want to perceive the true experience of having an all-in-one gaming monitor. 

7. Samsung C24RG50FQR 24″ FHD Gaming Curved LED Monitor Aspect Ratio HDMI 16:9 Response Time 4ms


Screen size   24 inches (1920X1080)
Response Time 4ms
Aspect ratio 16:9
Refresh Rate 144 Hz


The Samsung C24RG50FQR is one of the top-trending curved gaming monitors, with a regional brightness ranging up to 250 cd/m². The monitor’s ability to detect more than 16.7 million different colours provides the user with a dynamic yet enriching experience.The Full HD display is integrated with LED technology, which makes the system extremely power efficient, consuming a maximum of 35 W. This gaming monitor also comes with flicker-free technology, which protects your eyes from any harmful radiation, and “AMD FreeSync Technology,” enabling a seamless user experience. Overall, it is a well-rounded and affordable choice.

8. LG 32QN600-B 32″ Quad HD IPS Monitor Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Response Time: 5 ms


Screen size   32 inches, 2560 x 1440
Response Time 5ms
Aspect ratio 16:9
Refresh Rate 75 Hz


The 32-inch display of the LG 32QN600 comes with “AMD Free Sync” and a display capacity of 1.07 billion colours, highlighting every possible detail for its user. The response time of 5 ms is way more efficient than 90% of the available gaming monitors, providing a quick action-to-outcome ratio for the user. There are two HDMI ports and a separate audio jack to cover your connectivity needs. The design of the monitor is flat, with a pleasing aesthetic that can instantly lift your mood!

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