Trends In 2020 That Can Make A Difference In The Beverage Industry

Beverage Industry

The beverage industry is continuously growing and in recent years, major changes have seen in the beverage industry. There is always a need and demand for a change in every industry otherwise, it may decline. The beverage industry is as important as the food industry and customers always demand for a change. The beverage industry is not only affecting the consumers but it is also affecting our economy. The beverage industry has played a major role in expanding the economy. The beverage industry employs thousands of people every year and earns revenue of billions of dollars each year. Some countries are running their livelihood on the beverage industry. The demand for beverages can never end because people love beverages. There are businesses that depend on the beverage industry for their growth like bars, restaurants, coffee shops etc. A bar is not a bar without alcohol, wine and cocktails. Think for a while how bars would look like without cocktails and wines and you will know how important these beverages are for other businesses. 

Well, beverages are tasty, nutritious and add joy into an event. Beverages provide hydration and important vitamins. In recent years, the beverage industry has made drastic changes in the market. When people get tired of a drink, they look for a change and the beverage industry has proved to satisfy the demands of its customers over the years. If a beverage brand does not keep up with the trends, it can never grow and make its mark in the industry. Well, the beverage industry has undergone tremendous changes and all those changes were positive and we are more than happy that the beverage industry has evolved this much. From all the changes that you have seen in the past years, here are the few trends that will make a difference in the beverage industry in 2020: 

The world is changing, so the beverage industry and the trends. People are more aware than ever before and they become conscious about the environment. Consumers are intelligent these days and they take everything into account before buying a drink. They look at everything a drink has and the first thing that they notice is its container or the bottle. Which kind of material is used in the bottle? Is it safe to use? How will it impact our environment? All these things lead them to make a purchase. 

We are living in 2020 and people are focused on sustainability. They know what are the negative effects of the plastic bottles and can they affect our environment. People have boycotted the use of plastic and they do not buy plastic bottles that can harm our environment. Since the demand for sustainability has increased, companies have also become aware and they have decreased the use of plastic to a great extent. The beverage industry has taken notice of the sustainable packaging and they are using eco-friendly packaging to protect the environment. 

  • Dairy substitutes 

Every customer is different than the other and everyone has their own choices. A new trend in the beverage industry takes place due to the increased demand of the customers. Some people are conscious about the nutritional values and some people do not like cow milk at all, so they look for alternatives. Well, the beverage industry has amazingly substituted the dairy products. Milk is good for health and the beverage industry has given us several dairy substitutes like soy milk, rice milk, cashew milk, almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk, hemp milk and flavored milk etc. 

Today, there are so many dairy substitutes in the market and there are high chances that more alternatives will come out in 2020. New ways will come out to produce dairy products and these products will have more nutritional values. 

  • Coffee dates 

Coffee dates are popular for quite some time now and this trend will continue to grow in 2020. People usually choose a coffee shop for their first date. The environment in a coffee shop is perfect for the first date. You can have long conversations while enjoying coffee at a fancy coffee shop. Coffee shops are trending and people choose fancy coffee shops like Starbucks to impress their loved ones. People are choosing Starbucks as their first date destination and this coffee house is maintaining its quality for years. Coffee houses are more likely to be filled with customers in 2020. 

  • Demand for premium products 

As the trends are changing, customers demand premium products. Some customers are brand conscious than others and they look at the brands before making any purchase. They are interested in expensive drinks. Consumers attribute values depending on the prices and the brand name. Now you know, why people go after Starbucks when they can find a cup of coffee at half amount in a local coffee shop.

  • Convenience 

The demand for convenience has raised. This trend will drastically grow in 2020 and new ways will come out to make the beverages more convenient for the customers. Customers want convenient drinks that they can consume while driving, walking, doing their things etc. customers prefer ready to consume coffees, cold coffees, apple tea and juices etc. In 2020, the demand for direct supply will also increase and people want to get the drinks directly. Customers would order their beverages directly like they order food and they will be delivered in a short time without making the customers wait. 

  • Focus on health and wellbeing  

As I have already discussed that people have become more health-conscious. They have become more aware of what they are consuming and what are the nutritional values of the products? They do their research before buying any beverage. They carefully check the beverages if there are any artificial colors or additives used in the beverages? There is an increased focus on health and wellbeing in 2020. Consumers are looking for the drinks that are good for their health. There is an increased demand for energy drinks and protein shakes etc. In 2020, the beverage industry will produce healthier and nutritious drinks which will be low in calories and sugar and high in proteins and vitamins. 

  • Pairing two or more beverage products together 

In 2020, pairing two or more beverage products together will be in demand. There will be unique drinks in the market. You would see blends of cocktails, sparkling water, coffee and fizzy drinks. The beverage industry will be focusing more on the flavors and creating new drinks in 2020. 

Beverage Industry

  • Increased focus on packaging

2020 is all about setting new trends in the beverage industry and you can also be a part of this trend. You can also be a trendsetter with your business. You can bring innovation to the business industry to attract more customers. Investing in the beverage industry will never make you regret. Make sure to invest wisely in the beverage industry. Create a unique trend in the market to bring a change. Packaging has been the focus of the customers for years and you can use packaging to make a difference in the beverage industry. In 2020, there will be an increased focus on packaging, you can use custom printed beverage boxes to create your unique packaging for the drinks and attract consumers to buy your products.