Sony Speakers – Ways To Connect “Wireless Speakers” To Sony Bravia TVs

Bluetooth Speakers
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If you have bought a brand new Sony Bravia TV, a set of proper Sony speakers might be the right choice to add to your bucket. In fact, we know that Sony Bravia is a prime TV series for Sony. However, for those who do not know, let me inform you that these TVs offer high-resolution displays. In fact, if you go for the newer models, they also support 4K resolution. In addition, to excellent picture quality, Bravia is also dedicated to providing its users with the best TV sound experience. Therefore, being in tune with that view, these TVs have excellent built-in speakers. 

Therefore, in such a case, you might question the necessity of external speakers for Bravia TVs. However, a closer look will solve this doubt quickly. The picture quality of these TVs is excellent. With high resolution, razor-sharp display, great contrast and splashes of deep colours, the Bravia is a winner. But, if you compare the in-built TV speakers to some of the best external speakers available on the market, you would definitely find the external speakers snatching the win. 

Therefore, if you wish to have a great viewing experience on Bravia, then you might choose the Sony Bluetooth Speakers or any other compatible speaker for your TV. Read this article to know about connecting external speakers to your Bravia TV.

Connecting A Bluetooth Speaker To A Sony Bravia TV

Bluetooth Speaker To A Sony Bravia TV
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The problem that many users come up with is the inability to connect Bluetooth speakers to their Sony Bravia TVs. This is mostly due to the fact that not all speakers are compatible with the TV. In case, you own Sony speakers Bluetooth, then you might visit the official website of Sony to check if it is compatible with the Bravia TV. Now, if the speaker is not on the list of supported devices, then that will not connect to the TV. This is due to the fact that Bravia fails to recognise most Bluetooth devices. 

However, there are some ways that can help you connect the speakers. One trick is there for the Bravia TV having an in-built Bluetooth transmitter. The other trick is for those TVs that do not have Bluetooth or have only the receiver. 

Connecting Speakers To a Bravia TV With An In-Built Bluetooth Transmitter

If your Bravia TV supports ADP profile and Bluetooth connectivity, then the first thing that you need to do is download an application that will help you in connecting your speakers. In this case, the Bluetooth Pair App is the most prominent one. Use the app to scan for all the available devices. From the search, list select your Bluetooth speakers and pair them. Now the connection is ready. Seat back and enjoy the music. This trick will work with most speakers like the Sony A9 Speakers and many others.

Bravia TV Without An In-Built Bluetooth Transmitter
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Connecting Speakers To a Bravia TV Without An In-Built Bluetooth Transmitter

In the case that your Bravia Tv does not have a transmitter, and has only the receiver, you need to buy a Bluetooth transmitter for your job. However, make sure that the transmitter supports the aptX LL BT codec. Also, tally the supported audio inputs of the transmitter with that of your TV. 

After you buy the correct transmitter, plug it into your TV and pair it to the speakers in a process that we have already provided above. This trick will work with most speakers like the Sony Bookshelf speakers and many others.



1. How to connect Sony Speakers?

Follow the ways mentioned in the article to connect Sony Speakers to Bravia TVs.

2. How to connect external speakers to Sony Bravia tv?

Follow the ways mentioned in the article to connect external speakers to Sony Bravia TVs.

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