Find Out About Brandon Chappell, The Son Of Joe Exotic

Brandon Chappell
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A lot of you already know about Joe Exotic, the famous animal collector who’s also the main focus of the Netflix docuseries. However, did you know about his son Brandon Chappell? Recently, the fans of the docuseries have shown interest in knowing the private life of Joe.

So, we know that he has a secret wife as well as a son. In fact, they appeared in Tiger King, as Joe’s ex-producer has revealed to the media. The Netflix docuseries has certainly portrayed the life of Joe Exotic. However, the series didn’t explore some of the riveting details about his private life in those seven episodes.

So, if you already know about Joe and have seen the docuseries but wish to know more about him then don’t worry. In this article, we will provide everything there is to know about Brandon Chappell, the son of Joe.

What Does The TV Producer Have To Say About The Joe’s Private Life?

Rick Kirkham the TV producer also did appear in the docuseries. So, he has revealed a few riveting facts about Joe’s private life. According to him, it’s Brandon Chappell, who’s the son of Joe. So, as per the sources, Rick has told this piece of information on a Livestream Q&A session with the journalist Per Sundes.

Furthermore, in that interview, he has also told the media about how Joe had fathered Brandon. On this note, it’s worth mentioning that Brandon is currently 38 years old. So, Joe had fathered his son with his former girlfriend Kim. However, after that, he went on to have numerous relationships and marriages with men.

So, in that Q&A session, Rick said that very few people had realized that Joe was in a relationship/ in a marital bond with a woman years before. However, Rick didn’t clarify whether it was Kim or somebody else.

Moreover, he also revealed that Brandon Chappell also appeared in the show, Tiger King. However, Netflix didn’t want to make his true connection to his father Joe clear to the audience. Rick clarified, “he had children and his son came to work at the zoo the summer that I was there, the very first summer.”

He added that his son was indeed in the documentary. So, he felt it really puzzling as to why the documentary didn’t bring up that topic. Moreover, it’s also worth telling that Joe treated his son Brandon worse than he did to his employees.

In fact, the TV producer went on to say that Joe expected more out of his son. Therefore he wanted him to take the role of leadership and do harder work.

Joe’s Treatment Of His Son

As we said earlier, Joe didn’t treat his son well enough. In fact, he expected a lot of things from him and therefore gave him a lot of work to do. So, Brandon Chappell didn’t really have a great time at the zoo at all. Moreover, Joe ordered him to sweep the park instead of giving him a decent job to do. He didn’t even let him feed the animals as well.

“It was almost as though he regretted having a child, that he regretted having been married”, as Rick has said.

So, we can see that Joe’s treatment of his son was extremely poor. It was as if he didn’t want his son to be there. Recently, Joe’s niece Chealsi Putman has commented on Brandon. She said that Brandon now has three children of his own. Moreover, she also emphasized that Joe was always in and out of the life of Brandon during his developing phase. In addition, she also confirmed that Brandon and his then-wife at one point in time worked at the zoo along with Joe.