Was Shelia Eddy Sentenced To Lifetime Prison?

Shelia Eddy

Shelia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf are sentenced to jail after brutally murdering their close friend, Skylar Neese. Skylar Neese was a 16-year-old girl who was good in her academics is no more now. Her close friends Eddy and Shoaf murdered her brutally. Almost, they stabbed 55 times Neese to kill her.

Read through the article to know about Shelia Eddy and her friend Shoaf. Additionally, we will discuss how they murdered Neese violently.

Rachel Shoaf

Friendship Of Shelia Eddy, Shoaf And The Victim Neese:

This case is really a shocking one as Neese’s death was due to her close friends without any reason. Sheila Eddy and Skylar Neese were close friends since they were in second grade. At that time, they joined different schools but that didn’t break their friendship bond. Over the years, they were close to each other. When Neese joined the high school, Sheila too joined the same school. It was the University High School where both became much closer. 

Shelia Eddy

Eddy and Neese enjoyed their new experience in high school. The noteworthy thing is that Neese was good in her academics and she was a good student at every activity. Thus, Neese was a popular girl in her school.

It was the entry of a new girl that broke the bond between Neese and Eddy. That girl is none other than Shoaf. She joined the school in her freshmen year. Soon after joining the school, Shoaf was closer with the two of them. One can always see these three people together in the school. While, if they are not physically in contact, they will just chat over social media sites.

However, the entry of Shoaf created a bridge between Eddy and Neese. Thus, Eddy and Shoaf became closer and started doing plans without Neese to hurt her. 

What Was Eddy And Shoaf’s Plan & Attack?

One odd night, Eddy and Shoaf reached Neese’s house and took her out. They took her without the knowledge of Neese’s parents. Neese thought that they are taking out to smoke weeds as usual.

But what happened to Neese stayed a mystery after that. Neese went missing after that incident, as she didn’t reach back to her house. Thus, her parents complained about this problem to the police.

Almost, the case was in mystery for six months, until Shoaf came voluntarily to accept her act. Shoaf informed police that she and her friend Eddy killed Neese on July 6, 2012. Additionally, Eddy and Shoaf stabbed Neese 55 times. Almost, they were pre-planned to murder Neese, as they had a ‘serial-killer kit’ in Eddy’s car trunk. 

But Eddy never admitted her cruel act to the police until they find out. Sheila Eddy even called frequently Neese’s parents about the update of this missing case. Thus, Neese’s parents and others never guessed that Eddy and Shoaf will do such a brutal murder. 

When the police asked both of them why they killed Neese, their reply was casual. They are bored of Neese and don’t want her anymore in their group. So, they just killed her for such a useless reason.


Since Shoaf admitted the truth she got a sentence of 30 years. But Sheila Eddy got a sentence to serve a lifetime in prison. Thus, both of them are suffering in jail for their brutal act.

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