Know About The Awesome Cobra Kai Behind The Scenes Images Shared By Cast And Crew

Awesome Cobra Kai Behind The Scenes Images Shared By Cast & Crew

Cobra Kai is one of the popular shows on Netflix. The fourth season of the show was popular along with its previous seasons. The action-packed cast members of the season experienced a lot of popularity because of their acting. Some of the season’s photos of the cast were revealed in February 2021 by the Makeup Artist of the cast. It showed how the cast is very relaxed with each other and also their camaraderie. The makeup artist Jamie Cline shared the photos on his social media account.

One of the behind the scenes had Samantha LaRusso whose real name is Mary Mouser was fighting with Miguel Diaz the character played by Xolo Maridueña. Then they are interrupted by Robby Keene and his real name is Tanner Buchanan. The Mouser image showed her covered with food and sitting at the table. Also, these images were snapped during season 4, season 5 production. You can find all the details of the mouse images here.

William Zabka and Ralph Macchio offered insight into the fight scenes of the show

The series Cobra Kai focuses on many action sequences with the use of martial arts. All of the characters in the series are martial arts fighters so it needs to be brilliant. William Zabka plays Johnny Lawrence the martial arts teacher. He trains the high school students in the series to make them wonderful fighters. So William Zabka and Ralph Macchio shared some details about the action sequences of the show. Macchio revealed that the scenes of him doing stunts need a little more work. He is working harder for it to become perfect as he has to compete with the actors younger than him.

But Zabka also shared that he and Macchio are not very gentle with each other when they are acting. The fifty-six-year-old revealed that “We come away with a lot of bruises after Ralph and I do our stunts”. He also told that he and Macchio rehearsed for many hours when they were part of The Karate Kid in 1984. They had three months to prepare for the final fight of the film. But for the series Cobra Kai they only have little time to prepare because sometimes they have to be on the spot on time and start fighting with each other for a scene.

The photo of Cobra Kai cast with stunt doubles 

The main Cobra Kai cast member Xolo Maridueña shared photos of the stuntmen to appreciate them. He also had a beautiful caption for them. He said that the show could not be a karate show without the stuntmen. Also, he thanked Hiro and Jahnel for kicking his butt. Then a stuntman Noah to make him look good so this was another amazing behind the scene clip of the Cobra Kai cast.

Cute photo of Marie Mouser and Ralph

There was an adorable behind the scene photo of the father and daughter duo of the series acted by Marie Mouser and Ralph. In this Mouser image, she was sitting on Mr Miyagi’s 1947 Ford Super De Luxe. William Zabka shared this photo on his Instagram account to wish Ralph Macchio his birthday.

Selfies of Xolo and William at a Dee Snider concert 

Xolo shared a great picture of him and William at a Dee Snider convert. They were vibing at the concert and it was obvious that they were very much enjoying their day. It shows that they are close to the series as well as behind it as they find ways to spend time with each other.


These behind the scenes images of the cast are wonderful. These show a glimpse of the life enjoyed by the actors behind the scene.