WoW Classic Season of Mastery Classes Guide: Basic Introduction of Different Classes For Players

WoW Classic Season of Mastery

With the new release of WoW classic Season of Mastery, players are willing to have a try in the new story in the game. And there are a lot of different classes for players to choose, and which class is the best to play. Players may wish to know the basic introduction of classes in WoW Classic Season of Mastery. So, they can make the right choice of class selection in the game.

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WoW Classic Season of Mastery Classes Introduction

WoW Classic Season of Mastery Classes Introduction

Although WoW Classic had a strict hierarchy for classes in the game, the new release of WoW Season of Mastery has changed it a lot.

In the beginning, because of the removal of world buffs and shorter phases, there are less gear drops from the bosses battles. Which leads to the downfall of the dominance of Warriors in the game. The changes from the new version of game make the role of Warriors less important in the team. In addition, some classes that copied with mana issues in the former version will be trapped in the longer and harder boss fights. Then, latest boss mechanics will ban some specific classes in the battles, just likes some melee classes in the battles against Shazzrah.

So it is essential for players to think about how to choose a suitable class for the long journey of WoW Classic Season of Mastery.

Class: Rogue

Class RogueIf players wish to adjust to the changes of Season of Mastery, you can choose to be Rouge in the game. This class can adapt to the changeable environment better than any other class in WoW Classic. For novice players, Rogues can keep long fights against bosses thanks to the Energy system, compared to other classes. Rogues with innate system will not be affected by World Buffs. In addition, Rogues have the original Tier 0.5 which will make it have a good start in the beginning of the game. However, extra melee mechanics will affect Rogues, players can ignore the small influence of this class.

Class: Warlock

Class Warlock

Warlocks will have improved a lot because of the removal of the World Buffs in WoW Classic Game. They are the only practical class that are able to deal with DOT effects in the battles. Additionally, Warlocks will not be influenced by the longer bosses fights, and they can create more mana in the process of battles. They can also have access to deal with different kinds of bosses flexibly.

Class: Warrior

Class Warrior

Most of players think that Warriors are the best classes in the WoW Classic Game. However, as the new Season of Mastery has released, the new changes of the version has affected this class a lot.

Players who are fond of playing Warriors may feel upset with the new changes of the game. First, Warriors will be weaken by the removal of World Buffs, because this class make damage based on the Rage system, they can make more damage in order to improve the ability of creating more damage. Without World Buffs, there are limited gearing options and gruel melee mechanics for Warriors. Players will find that Warriors can not play an important role in the later exploration in the Season of Mastery. They can also choose to wait for the update of the version to make sure that Whether Warriors can have a positive effect on providing more damage for the team. Some of specific weapons and gear may help them improve the damage against bosses in the battles. If you can find them and equip them with Warriors, they can also become an important part of your team in WoW Classic Season of Mastery.

Novice players may feel confused about the selection of classes in WoW Classic Season of Mastery. You can learn to some basic introduction of classes from this guide and make your unique selection. Meanwhile, you can Buy WOW Classic Season of Mastery Gold to purchase some essential weapons and gear for your character in order to improve their damage in the battles. Cheap WOW Classic Season of Mastery Gold is sale on