August Ames Death: How The Netizens Reacted

August Ames

August Ames died only at the age of 23. She was a very popular and award-winning pornstar.  

In this age of social media, millions of fans follow the pornstars. Similar was the case with August Ames. She had a million followers on Instagram, where she posted pictures on a regular basis. Her tweets and posts got flooded with likes. Naturally, the news of her death has broken the hearts of her followers.

“The Blast” reports that Ames’death was confirmed by the Ventura County Medical Examiner’s office. The cause of her death still remains unknown. However, her friends believe her death to be a suicide. They also say that she was suffering from depression. One of her recent tweets may be the cause of her depression.

On 3rd December August Ames posted an update on her tweeter account. She wanted to let the world know about her refusal to shoot a sex scene with another actor. That actor had done gay porn in the past. August, seemed to believe medical testing for straight versus gay sex scenes was different. This perhaps led to her refusal. However, the netizens heavily criticised her for this. Some of them also called her homophobic. In her tweet, she even asked all the other lady performers to be careful while shooting with someone who had been in gay porn previously. Click the link below to see the tweet of August Ames:

Reactions to her death

August Ames was a very popular porn star. She was born in Canada. She appeared in over 270 shoots since she began her career back in 2013. August also received two Adult Video News awards for her performance.

She also had a huge fan base and was admired by millions. Naturally, her death has resulted in a storm of reactions on social media. Many of her followers blamed the bullying as the cause of Ames’ death. Many others wrote that her death seemed unreal. Taking a serious dig at the backlashes that Ames got after her refusal of that shoot, a Twitter handle named @sweetdeesez blasted the toxic behavior of people at Ames. Click on the link below to see the tweet:

Another Twitter handle named @PennyNowhere questioned Twitter’s anti-bullying algorithm. Yet another Twitter handle, @DynoDangle expressed his hatred for the bullies. Click on the link below to see the tweet :

Summing Up

Any death is unfortunate. But the death of August Ames has greatly shocked the world. In fact, her death remains a mystery. Her friends believe this to be an act of suicide. We cannot totally ignore this claim, given the online bullying that she had to face following her refusal to work with a gay performer. In fact, many of her followers have lashed out at these bullies. Some have gone to the extent of blaming Twitter’s anti-bullying algorithm. 

Thus, the death of August Ames has raised some serious questions about online bullying. Sometimes words become mightier than a sword. Especially hate comments can lead a person into depression. Once a person gets in there, it becomes difficult to come out of it. If August really committed suicide, then her death will be a glaring example of what depression and bullying can do to a person.

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