Top Ten Highest Paying Jobs In Florida For Qualified Job-hunters

Highest Paying Jobs In Florida

Are you searching for a place with lots of good job opportunities? Then you can choose Florida because there are lots of highest paying jobs in Florida. It stands in third place in the populous states in the USA. Hence you can find vacant job positions in the state, so you can start applying now. There are jobs available in fields like medicine, law, finance, the food industry and more. One of the highest paying jobs on demand in Florida is registered nurse profession. Therefore if you are looking for nurse jobs, you can move to Florida as the state will welcome you with open arms. 

Highest Paying Jobs In Florida Below And The Average Annual Salary

  • Gynecologists

The average annual salary is $249,380 per year


Gynecologists are specialists who manage matters that relate to the female reproductive system. They help women know the conditions in their uterus, vulva and other parts and offer treatments. They offer medical, hormonal and surgical treatments for the reproductive system. Most often, they help pregnant women during and after the childbirth process. 

Patients can visit Gynecologists in their clinics or hospitals for menstrual problems, lower abdomen pain, infertility, miscarriage, and much more. 

  • Financial Manager

The average annual salary is $103078 per year 

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The Financial Manager of a company has to make important decisions. They manage large financial functions, so it is a tough job. For instance, they provide financial reports, handle investment activities, and create effective strategies. Plus, the Managers understand certain risks which are part of financial activities, so they help prevent them. So it is one of the highest paying jobs in Florida. 

  • Flight Engineer 

 The average annual salary is $76,273 per year 

Flight Engineer 

The Flight Engineer monitors the aircraft engine and its control systems. They do pre and post-flight inspections to prevent accidents. Plus, they must perform many aerospace maintenance and loadmaster away from the land. So they have to have high-level engineering skills and an aviation expert. 

Even though they do not pilot the airplanes, they have to check if all the mechanical and technical aspects of the flight are in good condition.

  • Anesthesiologists

 The average annual salary is $412,500 per year


The Anesthesiologists are the physicians skilled at the administration of anesthetics and perioperative care. They take care of the patient undergoing surgery by preventing pain and distress. So they put the patient to sleep by sedating them with general anesthesia, intravenous medications, or other kinds of anesthesia. Sometimes they also administer medications to numb a particular area before surgery. 

  • Marketing Manager 

The average annual salary is $113,582 per year 

Marketing Manager 

The main job of the Marketing Manager is to understand the market trends and customer preferences. Then based on the market research, they create strategies for increasing business sales. They also focus on doing budgets and overseeing the creation of marketing materials. This way, they take care of the entire marketing lifecycle of the company they work for. 

  • Orthodontists

The average annual salary is $242,130 per year 


The Orthodontist is a professional who specializes in teeth health. It is a specialty within dentistry, but the job differs from what Dentists do. Orthodontists mainly focus on helping people take care of their teeth without flaws. They also straighten out misaligned teeth through specific procedures. The main job of Orthodontists is correcting bites and occlusion and straightening the teeth. 

  • Psychiatrists

The average annual salary is $203,830 per year 


The main responsibility of the Psychiatrist involves treating mental, emotional and behavioral conditions in their patients. So if they diagnose any issues, they help to recover with medications and other treatments. They treat more complex mental health conditions than psychologists. The doctors are also experts in providing the right medications for the patients. They have a wide knowledge and understanding of different human behaviors and mental issues. 

  • Airline Pilot 

The average annual salary is $145301 per year 

Airline Pilot 

The Airline Pilots fly the flight with passengers or cargo and transport them from one place to another. Transportation can be for reasons like leisure, business or commercial purposes. Also, the aircraft is operated by two pilots. One is the captain, and the other is the supporting first officer. They take turns when on air to prevent fatigue and perform all the tasks properly.

A Pilot has to be a responsible, committed and skilled individual as the safety of the passengers rests on their shoulders. 

  • Human Resources Manager 

The average annual salary is $112,793 per year 

Human Resources Manager 

The Human Resources Manager performs many tasks like coordinating, planning and directing administrative functions. They act as mediators between the management and the staff. If any problems happen in an organization, they try to solve them. It is also their job to create HR initiatives and strategies. It has to abide by the company’s business plan. They also control the hiring process. 

  • Oral surgeons

 The average annual salary is $282,650 per year 

Oral surgeons

Oral Surgeons, also known as maxillofacial surgeons, are medical professionals trained to care for conditions and injuries in the jaw, face, neck, mouth and head. Some cases they handle are misaligned jaws, impacted wisdom teeth, cancers in the neck and head and more. They surgically correct problems and also do cosmetic changes to the face. They help the patient during the recovery stages too. 

Final thoughts 

You can apply for the highest paying jobs in Florida if you have the right qualifications and drive. 

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