Kai Knapp: Who Is She? Her Net Worth And More

Kai Knapp

It seems like yesterday when the star Alexis Knapp and Ryan Phillips first announced the news of pregnancy. Since the birth of Kai Knapp, nothing has been the same for the parents. Moreover, it seems that the bundle of joy is growing pretty fast, stirring a storm with her charm and stardom. In this article, we will shed light on the life of the child star. 

Who Is Kai Knapp?

If you have ever been familiar with Pitch Perfect, you already know who Kai Knapp is. However, for those who don’t know who the child is, she is the daughter of Ryan Phillipe and Alexis Knapp. Kai Knapp was born Kailani Merizalde Knapp in 2010. 

Her mother and father, Alexis and Ryan, date for a while. Moreover, Kai is the result of their short-lived love affair that resulted in her birth. Although the couple had drifted apart, they came together at the time of birth. Kai has an extended ancestry. 

She belongs to the English, French, Spanish as well as German lineage. After the breakup of both couples, Alexis realized that she is pregnant. At that time, she was shooting for her next movie, called So Undercover. 

Quick Bio:Wikis

✅ Real Name ✔ Kai Knapp
✅ Birthday ✔ 1st July 2011
✅ Famous for  Daughter of Alexis Knapp
✅ Zodiac Sign ✔ Cancer
✅ Nationality ✔ American
✅ Age ✔ 10 Year Old
✅ Profession ✔ Celebrity kid
✅ Married/Husband ✔ N/A
✅ Net Worth ✔ N/A
✅ Parents ✔ Ryan Phillippe, Alexis Knapp
✅ Siblings ✔ N/A

The Unplanned Pregnancy Changed It All:

Alexis and Ryan met each other in 2010. They have been in a relationship for a very short period. However, due to personal reasons, they parted ways. It wasn’t until the couple parted ways, that Alexis realized her pregnancy. 

They planned something else, but unfortunately, fate had planned something totally different for the duo. Apparently, according to sources, Alexis always wanted to get hitched before conceiving a child. However, it didn’t go as planned. 

Life took a quick U-turn. So instead of deciding to abort the child, she chose to give birth to her phenomenal being. Currently, the star is raising the children as a single mother. Many sources have said that Kai’s father, Ryan, did not have much involvement in the birth. 

Moreover, even after the separation, Ryan stopped investing himself in the scene. However, after Alexis’s bump started to protrude, the duo started to be seen together, preparing to welcome the child. 

Alexis: the inspiration every single mother needs

A close source of Alexis during the pregnancy confirmed how she took the initiation head-on. She commented, “She has never asked Ryan for any help, nor does she expect it. She continues to appreciate the love and support of her family and friends”. 

However, on 1st July 2011, Kai came along and there was her father present at the time of her birth. Although many think that the child star adopted the surname of both of her parents. 

We can see that it is the title Knapp that has stuck the most. We can guess why. Despite her father being there during her birth, he did not give Alexis any child support. 

Kai Knapp’s Half Siblings

Kai has two half-siblings from their father’s side. Ryan was previously married to Reese Witherspoon. He married her in 1999 and shortly gave birth to two children. One was Kai’s half-sister Ava Philippe. While Kai’s half-brother Deacon Reese Phillippe. However, she is the only child of her mother, Alexis. 

The net worth of Kai’s parents:

It is very safe to assume that Kai was born in an affluent family. Moreover, she will have a well-provided background thanks to her mother’s net worth. Alexis Knapp has a net worth standing around $5 million. Although her father has a higher net worth which ranges as above as $32 million.   

Bottom line:

Kai is very famous only because of her mother. She rose to fame as her mother started posting pictures of her on Instagram. It goes on to show how much she dotes on her daughter.

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