Angelo Adkins: Things To Know About Adele’s Son

Angelo Adkins
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Just like any other celebrity kid, Angelo Adkins has come under the spotlight owing to his celebrity mother, Adele. So, Angelo is a British celebrity kid and his full name is Angelo James Adkins. As the son of Adele, he has become quite famous and fans of Adele want to know about him. 

Those of you who don’t know who Adele is should know that she’s an English singer and songwriter. According to the sources, Adele once, in an interview with British Vogue, told the media that her son wants to become a YouTuber. So, if you are curious to know about Adele’s son Angelo Adkins’ life, then it’s time to go through this article. Here we will share some riveting facts about Angelo’s life. 

A Brief Bio On Angelo, Adele’s Son

It’s quite common for the fans to show interest in the family members of a celebrity. In this regard, we have to add Angelo Adkins, the son of Adele as well. Needless to say. Adele’s voice and soulful music mesmerize all the listeners around the world. 

As a fan, it’s quite probable that you’d show interest to know about her personal life. So, it’s worth noting that her son Angelo was born in the year 2012, in England, UK. Therefore, as of 2022, he is around 9-10 years old. He is a British citizen and his zodiac sign is Libra. 

Adele hasn’t mentioned a lot about his son and that’s why it’s a bit difficult to know his educational phase. However, we’d assume that he goes to one of the elite schools in the UK. If Adele shares more about his son, then we will update more info about Angelo. 

Family Details Of Angelo

As for Angelo Adkins’ father, his name is Simon Konecki. He is a charity entrepreneur of a high reputation. On the other hand, Angelo’s mother, Adele, as we know has won Six Grammy awards for her album ‘21’, creating a history. 

However, it’s worth noting that Adele and Simon have gone their separate ways on 4th March 2021. The sources tell us that Angelo Adkins’ mother Adele and father Simon exchanged vows in the year 2018. 

However, before that, they shared a long relationship. After marriage, the couple started to face a lot of problems. Eventually, due to irreconcilable differences in opinion, they had to take a divorce. Currently, they both have custody of the child and are raising him together. 

Talking about the ethnicity of Angelo, it seems that he holds mixed ethnicity. His maternal grandmother Penny skins was English, whereas his grandfather Marc Evans was Welsh. If you want to know whether Angelo Adkins has any siblings or not, the answer is negative.

It’s worth noting that Angelo is pretty close to his uncle Cameron O’Sullivan as well. Moreover, from his father’s side, he has two aunts, Victoria Konecki and Alexandra Konecki. 

Personal Life

Angelo Adkins is still a young child at this moment. He is still studying at a school and is quite focused on his studies. Hence, it’s highly improbable that he has any girlfriend. However, it’s true that he is the son of Adele so he will surely become a crush of a lot of women in the future.

Some Unknown Facts About Angelo Adkins

So, now that we know about Angelo, let’s take a look at some riveting facts about the young man. 

  • According to the sources, Adele is raising his son Angelo as a gender-neutral. Some people spotted him wearing a princess Anna costume during his visit to Disneyland. 
  • So, Angelo’s mother Adele is one of the top musical personalities in the world selling over 120 million copies of her top albums. A lot of people also call her the British Queen Of Soul. 
  • Currently, Angelo Adkins is having a great time with his mother’s present boyfriend Rich Paul, an American Sports agent.
  • Did you know Angelo is a huge lover of football? Just like Adele, he too supports Tottenham Hotspur, a local football club. 
  • A lot of people probably didn’t know about this fact but Angelo’s father worked as an investment banker. He worked at Lehman Brothers but later on became the co-founder of Life Water. 
  • Angelo’s parents in 2014 filed a case against Corbis Images UK Ltd’s agency because they photographed and published their son’s pictures without permission.

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