Best AI Tools for Boosting Creativity and Productivity

Best AI Tools for Boosting Creativity and Productivity

Did you run out of motivation to complete your task?

Is your constant procrastination causing you to lag in your work?

Well, this is getting serious and you need to get a grip and get back on track. Yes yes, it is easier said than done, but we are not shooting arrows in the air here. In this article, we have come prepared with what we need you to do to get your focus back and become more productive. 

However, this time we are leveraging assistance from only some of the best AI tools that will boost your productivity and creativity by folds. Are you as excited to find out as we are to share our best finds with you?

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Now let’s dive in, shall we? We also have something in store for the students. Continue till the end to find out.

Adobe Firefly

Are you an art creator but your imagination is at a halt? Adobe Firefly is here to the rescue.

You can count on Adobe to have your back in assisting you while you create some of the best artwork. Firefly does not even require much. You just need to add the prompt (text) and let this AI tool create the magic for you. 

Sure, you don’t have to use the exact art whipped out for you, but it would be a good inspiration to start from.

Stable Diffusion

This AI tool, powered by DreamStudio comes in strong for competition to Adobe Firefly. 

Stable Diffusion follows the prompts you give almost perfectly and also allows you thorough control over what result you want. However, the interface can be slightly difficult to use in the beginning, nevertheless, it gets easier once you get a hang of it.


Does your work go beyond creating images? We are guessing video creation. If that’s so, then Synthesia is a perfect AI tool that you can turn to. Synethesia can surely boost that creativity element you might be looking for. 

You can create videos with AI avatars and have voiceovers done in over 120 languages. 

If you are stuck in video production, then you can use any of the free-of-cost templates to get a head start on your work. 

Wondershare Filmora

Do you want to keep your video editing tool basic yet equipped with AI wonders? Then Filmora is what you are looking for. 

Not only it is easy to use, but also does all the classic things for you such as changing the background, improving the low-quality pixels, and even enhancing the sound quality. 


Task management does get a bit tricky. Especially for the ones who love to procrastinate, or the ones like us who can be a bit forgetful. But don’t worry Motion, an AI tool best known for its task-managing capabilities is here to make things easier for you.


You just need to set the task priority and the AI will automatically make sure that it lands on your calendar and work feed accordingly so you do not forget about what’s due soon. 


This one is for the students! Whether you are in high school or university – this app is a must-have if you are someone who is looking for boosted productivity. Well, at this stage it all comes with extra assistance that makes learning easier and this is what Socratic is for. 

If you have an assignment due soon, then don’t shy away from acquiring some help for this tool. All you have to do is ask a question from this AI tool and it will gather all the educational resources for you that will go perfectly with your work. 

With its multiple subject support, and ranging learning materials such as videos, extensive guides make your work a tad bit easier to complete. 

Wrapping Up

It is only human to reach burnout in your work. The one where your imagination or work motivation doesn’t seem as beaming as before. However, with the tools mentioned above, your work can feel a lot easier and can give you a kickstart if you are at a halt. 

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