Why Connecting With Nature Can Be Good for Your Health

Why Connecting With Nature Can Be Good for Your Health

Modern human society can often feel disconnected from nature. The offices, automobiles, roadways, and houses that people spend the majority of their time in are a far cry from the kinds of environments that evolution designed humans to inhabit. Taking time to rest and revitalize your spirit in nature can be highly beneficial for your health. If you live in or near San Diego, you are especially lucky; the city features numerous natural wonders, the foremost of which is the expansive Pacific Ocean. Learn here about the positive influence of ocean in human life and health:

Being in Nature Increases Your Desire to Preserve it

The natural world has never been as threatened as it is today. Global temperatures are increasing annually, species are dying off, and toxic pollution is being funneled into formerly pristine areas. Fortunately, there are many remaining ecosystems that can be salvaged with the right intentions and actions. If you or your children live a largely city-based existence, simply being in nature can allow you to truly behold its magnificence.

Natural Sights and Sounds Reduce Stress

The hustle and bustle of an urban world can wreak havoc on the senses, resulting in increased stress and even serious health problems. When you remove yourself from modern stressors and listen to the soothing sounds of the ocean, your body naturally relaxes itself. Many vacationers seem to understand this concept without even realizing it. Tropical islands with plenty of sand and sun are among the most popular vacation destinations for American workers. For a classic San Diego stress relief experience, try a long stroll along the beach.

Fresh Air and Outdoor Activities Are Inherently Healthy

Because your body was designed to exist outside, all of the things you need to survive can be found in nature. As a critical support system for life on earth, the ocean is among nature’s greatest providers. In the same way rainforest trees purify the air, the ocean absorbs carbon dioxide and other pollutants. An additional bonus for beachgoers is that the plentiful sunlight you can find at the shore helps your body to produce Vitamin D, an essential nutrient.

What Is Good for the Planet Is Good For You

Life in the ocean and human life on earth are inextricably linked. As you learn to love nature in all of its glory, you may find yourself becoming committed to preserving it. On a whale watching San Diego tour, for example, you may learn facts about a particular whale species that you never knew before. This may lead you down a rabbit hole of whale research that ultimately culminates in your decision to study wildlife at a university. While you never know where your time in and around the ocean will lead you, you can always be open to new possibilities.

Life in San Diego revolves around the ocean and its influence. As a San Diegan or visitor to the city, make sure to take advantage of the many seaside and marine activities that can keep you free of stress and well connected to nature.

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