Get the Best Movie Kodi Addons For 2020

best kodi addons 2020

It is evident that your Cable TV network is not enough to satisfy your thirst for good movies if you love watching them. Whether you are a movie buff or just love to binge-watch movies, Kodi Addons is the right app for you. More and more people are using Kodi to get an unlimited genre of movies from the comforts of any place. If you love movies and want to keep all your media files and videos stored safely in one place, download Kodi from its official site to start using it right away.

Kodi addons

When it comes to watching Kodi from the privacy of your home, you need to install Kodi addons from its official and third-party repositories for movies and TV shows. These addons will stream content from various sources for your entertainment. Note that without these add-ons, Kodi practically has no use.

Given below are some of the best Kodi addons for movies for 2020

  1. Exodus- Exodus is one of the most popular Kodi addons Exodu for movies. Kodi users love this addon primarily because it has a simple interface that is minimalistic. It has an extensive library of amazing movies, and you get categories like Oscar Winners, Box Office Hits, Best Ratings, etc. If you are new to Kodi and searching for a good Kodi addon for movie binging, this one should be on the top of your list.
  2. BBC iPlayer- This is an official Kodi addon that is great for streaming movies and shows from the UK and other nations. The library has a limited collection; however, the movies here are high in quality, so this Kodi addon is worth the installation. However, if you reside outside of the UK, you might face some problems when it comes to accessing the content due to copyright issues; however, you can watch movies on it with a good VPN.
  3. Genesis Reborn- This is another fantastic addon from Kodi, like Exodus. It features the new version of the Genesis add-on. In the past, the original version has some legal issues, so it was revamped and renamed Genesis Reborn. This Kodi addon brings you media streams that are high in definition, and you can even stream media content of 4K resolution too. There is a feature where you can disable the host for the captcha so that you do not have to face the frequent alerts for errors or other popups that disrupt your viewing.
  4. Poseidon- The best feature of this Kodi addon is that its media library is always updated. The user interface is more or less the same as Exodus, and it is one of the best movie addons that you can use for Kodi.
  5. YouTube- If you are fond of watching Hindi movies online, YouTube add-on is the best for you. In fact, you can watch movies in all regional languages alongside English here. However, when you install the YouTube addon for Kodi, you will not be able to view media content immediately. You need to wait for at least a week; however, it is worth the time as you are able to get some amazing media streaming content here with success.
  6. Covenant- This Kodi add-on for movies is in the same league as BBC iPlayer, Poseidon, and Exodus. You will see that Covenant has the same interface as Exodus, and it is often said that it is the successor of this addon as well. The media library here is extensive, and you will fall in love with it for the content it brings to you.
  7. SALTS- This add-on is also known as Stream All The Sources. If you do not like Exodus for movies, you can watch movies here. There are many movies from extensive sources, and you can get high-quality media streams here with some changes in the settings of this addon.
  8. No-Name- Though this Kodi is not as popular as the others that have been mentioned here, you can check it out. It is a small project that has been created by COLDFIRE. It is popular because you can get many 3D movies and other amazing media content here.
  9. Nemesis- This adds is one of the major game-changers of Kodi, and it can stream almost any kind of content and files. This means you can get access to audiobooks, music files, live sports, and more. Some experts from the Kodi community often refer to this addon to be one of the best for the variety of streaming content that it offers you.
  10. PlayOn – This add-on helps you to integrate Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix on a single platform. You also get the advantage of downloading media content in the MP4 format on Kodi. This addon is very popular in the Kodi community, and it is 100% legal for everyone to use. It has been endorsed by several streaming services, and there are no foul practices that have caused issues to streamers and the suppliers of the media content here.

When you are fond of movies, the above addons for Kodi will never disappoint you. However, make sure that you follow the installation guide correctly. In case you face problems with installation or streaming, you can contact experts from the Kodi community on its official forum or website. If you are lucky, you might even find developers of the specific addon you are facing issues with. They will help you with solutions and give you guidelines on how you can avoid further problems with Kodi addons for movies.

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Last but not least, you must ensure that you install a good VPN for media streaming when you use Kodi. Note that Kodi is a great app for movies and entertainment, but it does not stop ISPs from tracking you. So, if you are using Kodi on a device, say Linux, make sure you get a high-quality free VPN for Linux for private and secure streaming. The VPN ensures that hackers or ISPs will not track you. In this way, you can enjoy the security and privacy of movie watching on Kodi with success!