How Human Resources Departments Address Workplace Discrimination

Workplace Discrimination

Workplace discrimination has been a hotly debated topic for the last fifty years.  There are some metrics behind it, but many of these cases come down to opinion, and he said she said.  Human resource departments have the difficult job of addressing these issues head-on and figuring out what’s necessary for a business to move forward.  When doing their best to correct any problems, and make life better for the employees, here are the top things any human resource department should do.

Look At Hiring Practices

Although you may think your business is bias and discrimination-free, there’s always room for growth.  A misstep in hiring or passing over a fantastic candidate for reasons out of their control can lead companies into employment discrimination cases.  By considering how the company finds applicants, who the business turns down, and what type of interviews are held, your HR department is there to make sure only the best get in.  They still have to check their egos and leave their biases at the door when they come to work to ensure it’s a suitable environment for everyone.

Reconsider Training

There’s little in a company that makes as much of an impact on a new employee as their training.  How they’re trained, and by whom, sets the tone for what they should expect and what is expected of them.  When introducing new employees, work to discuss what topics and conduct are not allowed and what values your business holds.  If a new hire pushes back too much at this stage, at least your company is being given an early warning that they’re not going to work out.  Trainers would teach with respect and agency while also ensuring they treat every trainee like a human being.

Make A Call To Action

Human resources will go over all of the information gathered and decide on the best course of action.  This plan means they may overhaul the entire training type or add an initiative to hire more women or people with disabilities.  The significant part of this step is they get to make a tangible change that will affect the entire company.  This time may also be when they put out a refresher for employees who were trained months to years ago and maybe a little out of touch.  This decision allows for all employees to start at the same level of understanding.

Review Changes In Time

No plan is perfect, and unfortunately, problems arise.  After the new techniques have been enacted for a handful of months, human resources will have to study the situation‘s outcome.  This plan involves the company eventually having to go back through the hiring practices, see if there are any new employee complaints, and hold exit interviews for anyone who decides to leave the company.  While reviewing these changes, they can consider what has to change and what can be done better.  Any positive step is good, but keeping on top of them can save a company.