Top 5 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Valentine's Day Gifts

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, you’re probably starting to ask yourself what gift will be the perfect way to show your special someone just what she means to you. Should you buy her flowers…again? (You could, but should you?) Stumped? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. From silly to sensual, here are the top five most romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day.

1. A Cozy Cloak

Yes, she’s cold. Do you even need to ask? Instead of buying her another blanket to snuggle up in without you, why not buy a double cozy cloak? With two hoods and room for two, she gets to be warm, and you get to stay snuggled up against her. Sounds like a win-win.

Pro tip: This is only a good idea if she has a silly sense of humor. Otherwise, you might snuggle up in the cloak on the couch alone.

2. Personalized LP Record

Is she an avid music-lover? Do the two of you have a list of special songs that commemorate milestones in your relationship? If so, consider customizing a vinyl record wall hanging for her. You customize the words and the songs that are listed and then get to watch her heart melt as she realizes the songs all mean something to you, too. Aww – look at you, #winning Valentine’s Day.

3. Sexy Unmentionables

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we? If you want the Valentine’s Day gift you buy this year to knock her socks off — and perhaps a few other items of clothing, too — then sexy panties are the way to go. From black lace to barely there, Yandy is your one-stop shop for sexy panties and bras. Not only does the online retailer offer a huge selection, but its online ordering and easy return services will make gift shopping a breeze.

4. Vintage Espresso Machine

In most cases, buying your lovely lady an appliance for Valentine’s Day might not be the best idea (unless she really, really wants that new vacuum cleaner). However, a vintage espresso machine is an exception to the rule. If she’s a coffee connoisseur who loves espressos as much as you — or maybe even a smidge more than she loves you — this gift will put a smile on her face and some pep in her step. There are four color options, too, so you can ensure this new gadget doesn’t clash with the kitchen.

5. Smart Moon Lamp

If she loves the outdoors and gazing at the night sky, now you can give her the moon (in the form of a lamp, that is). A glowing, 3D-imprinted moon lamp will bring her a sense of wonder and have her asking herself what she ever did without you.

You’re Ready Now Make Us Proud

Valentine’s Day is an extra opportunity to show the one you love just how much she means to you. From silly to sensual, romance can come in many forms. This means you can choose the perfect gift to fit her romantic personality type. Is she a fan of snuggling and laughing? Does her world revolve around music or coffee? Perhaps she loves to feel beautiful in her own skin or stares wide-eyed at the moon? Whatever her style, choosing the perfect romantic Valentine’s Day gift this year should now be a piece of cake. You’ve got this!

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