Tips for Helping You Survive Moving Day

Survive Moving Day

If you want to truly test the strength of your relationship, your ability to cope with soul-crushing stress and dismay, your patience, and your general sanity all at once, then moving house is the perfect activity for you.

If not, then it’s too bad because you’ll likely have to do it at some point. Moving is stressful, but it’s also nothing more than a bump in the road when compared to the future joys it can unlock for you.

If moving day is fast approaching and you feel underprepared, please don’t start panicking, as this will only make it worse than it already is.

To help you feel better about the whole situation, it’s worth confronting it head-on and getting yourself prepared.

You can negate moving stress if you try. Here are some tips to help you get ready for the big day – you’ll be fine.

Pack a Bag for the First Night

Your first-night bag is critical to your moving mission success. It can help you set the tone for what’s to come, too, so make sure you pack the essentials, like teddy bears and candy, or whatever brings you joy.

First nights in a new place can be super lonely and make you feel like every life choice you’ve ever made has been the wrong one. Well, fear not, for your essential first-night bag can stop these kinds of feelings from taking over. It can enable you to bring a little piece of home with you, allowing you to settle in with ease.

Alongside the boring must-haves like a toothbrush, a change of clothes, etc., you should pack items that make you feel safe, calm, and happy.

Put Your Belongings in Portable Storage

The genius idea that is portable storage rental can save you a huge amount of stress and money at the same time; it’s a win-win. Plus, it gets delivered to you by experienced professionals!

By storing your items in portable storage rather than traditional, non-wheel-based means like an old garage, you can also create more storage space at your new location, allowing you the chance to settle in gently to your new home.

One of the worst elements of moving is the megalithic amount of cardboard left behind from the shipping process and having to wade through it to pack your stuff away. Portable storage solutions can help you negate the need to get lost in this mess, as you can simply leave your storage unit nearby, rather than having to move every box inside at once.

Label Your Boxes

When you pack, it’s vital to label your boxes or to use a color code to help you identify what’s what. The organization is vital in smoothing out your moving, so start getting prepped and writing those labels!

This might seem pointless, but once you start unpacking at the other end, you’ll likely want to be able to find items quickly in order to make the process go faster.

Moreover, hunting through mountains of boxes for a single item is not a great way to use your time, and it will probably make you more stressed.

  • If you have any extra-high-value possessions like jewelry and family heirlooms, make sure to store them correctly and safely, and don’t forget to take pictures of everything.

Eat Your Spinach

Even if you travel lightly through the universe, the odds are you will need to be doing a great deal of heavy lifting on moving day, so eat your spinach to get strong like Popeye.

In all seriousness, taking care of your health is important, and that goes for your mental health too.

Eating well and practicing mindfulness can enable you to stay calm and prevent stress-related issues from accumulating and causing you harm.

Getting enough sleep is important too, although this can be difficult if all you can picture are moving vans going up and down your street. You could always try and count them like sheep to help you nod off.

A healthy diet may help you sleep better, as can falling into a healthy routine every day in the run-up to moving.

Reach Out for a Chat

Everyone has a story or two about moving, and they probably have some advice worth listening to.

If you’re feeling down about the ordeal, you should reach out to those you trust and love for some support. Whether it’s your parents, your friends, an old roommate, the Avengers – simply discussing your situation and having a laugh about it might ease the pressure a little.

Make Sure You Have a Moving Inventory

Having an inventory to refer back to is essential to giving you peace of mind and helping you to ensure that your possessions are all accounted for.

Your moving company will either do this for you or they’ll help you do it, but whatever the case may be, just be sure to ask for a copy of the inventory so you can run through it.

Professional help is important, particularly if you hope to make the move go smoothly, so don’t rely too much on your most available friends to do a perfect job.

Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

Moving is the ideal opportunity to get rid of what you don’t actually need in time for a decluttered life in your new home. By donating your unwanted possessions, you can free up some more space before you settle in.

This can greatly reduce moving stress, as you’ll have less to move in the first instance. It’s also therapeutic to get rid of what you don’t need anymore, so you should take full advantage and be fairly ruthless.

Gather Your Important Documents

Paperwork, no matter how mind-numbingly mundane, is extremely important in the moving process, so make sure you gather all your important documents and keep them safe.

This includes the deeds to your new property, your passport, your bills, receipts, and any insurance-related documents you might deem relevant.

There you have it! Before too long, you’ll be settled in, and the moving fiasco will be a distant memory.