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For some, cleansing is therapeutic. For others, cleaning can be a chore and something to avoid as long as possible. Whether you have a family of five to clean up after, or you just have to clean up after yourself, it can be annoying to worry from time to time.

Many people are turning to clean companies to help them clean the house, but it can be difficult to find the right cleaning company for you and for your needs. But when you work with Service Solutions, you can relax and stop wondering if your home will get the cleaning it needs.

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Service Solutions is different from other cleaning companies. Our team of trained and professional house cleaners Wellington can turn your home into a pleasant space. A messy space can cause stress, but when Service Solutions get to work, you’ll be relieved to see your floors again!

There are many things that differentiate us. We offer many cleaning services: from spot cleaning to cleaning small offices, we can help you clean your space. Our customers love the work we do and that’s why they continue to work with us. Plan your cleaning today and see for yourself what makes us different!

Service Solutions offers different types of cleaning services. Keep reading to find out more about each!


The holidays are over, but the damage your extended family has left is mocking you from every room in your home. You are exhausted and need a break, but you know you can not delay cleaning any longer. This is where Service Solutions comes in. We offer spot cleanings, which means that we can clean your house for you once (or twice) when you are too overwhelmed to pick up the broom. Call us and let us do a quick sweep of your house and let it sparkle! Punctual cleaning is great for important events you organize at home, before or after important events at home, or to eliminate any fun-filled party that you may not remember. If you have dirt from unwanted occupants in your house, then why not try pest control London to make sure they don’t show up again!


Maybe you are too busy to even clean your house. You work from your child’s school through football practice and piano recitals, then dine with your parents and finally come back home at seven or eight years old. If this sounds too familiar to you, you may need additional help with cleaning. We can clean every week, every two weeks or as often as you need it.


At Service Solutions, we know that moving can be a stressful time for you and your family. That’s why we offer cleaning services for your moves and removals. We help you prepare your old house for the next residents or your new home.


If your business or home has undergone remodelling or other construction, we can help you clean up the mess left. This will allow you to continue your work and your life without having to worry about cleaning up before coming back on time. Let us help you get your home or office back in order so you can continue as if nothing has happened.


Vacation rental properties have become popular in recent years. Tenants start renting their spaces when they are not in use, but the mess left is hardly worth it. But when Service Solutions is at your side, you can enjoy a clean property every time you go on vacation.


You are running a business. You do not want to clean up after your employees or take care of other office maintenance. We can help you keep the office clean and your employees focused on our commercial cleaning services.

While we offer many different services like window cleaning services, house washing services, and carpet cleaners services. The thing that makes us truly different is the fact that our services are a bit more personalized than others. You have the ability to pick and choose what you need, and you can do it with a clean space.

Contact Service Solutions today to get started on the space you want and need!

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