When Is the Worst Time of Year to Sell a House?

Sell a House

Are you thinking about selling your house?

Before you do, consider the timing. While you’re never going to find the perfect time to sell your home, there are also times of the year that you should absolutely avoid. 

Check out this guide to discover the worst time of year to sell a house (and the best). 

The Worst Time of Year to Sell a House 

Here are the times of the year you should avoid selling a house:


Winter is the worst time to sell your home for several reasons. Selling a home during the winter can be tough, as most buyers don’t want to trudge through the cold and snow to look at houses. 

Additionally, most people are focused on planning and celebrating the holidays during the winter months, which puts the homebuying process on the backburner. 

Even if you’re able to sell your home during the winter months, you then have to deal with moving all of your stuff out when it’s cold outside. Unless you live in an area that has warm weather year-round, it’s best to avoid putting your home on the market December through February. 


While fall offers better weather than winter, it’s still not the best time to sell your home. While some buyers love the look of fall foliage, others will look at it and think “yikes, that a lot of yard work!”

Additionally, most families don’t want to disrupt their children’s school year by moving to a new district, so if you have a family home, it can be tough to get it off the market during this time. 

The Best Time to Sell Your Home 

Typically, the best time to sell your home is during the summer and fall. Most people have lighter work schedules and time off during the summer months, so they have more time to shop for a home. 

However, if you live somewhere with sweltering hot summer months, you may want to avoid selling during this time. 

Springtime is also ideal for selling your home, with the first two weeks of May being the busiest and most lucrative time for sellers. Because of the warm weather, lush landscapes, and longer days, you should have no problem selling your home in the spring. 

However, keep in mind that because spring and summer are popular home-selling times, there will be a lot more competition. This means that you’ll need to go the extra mile to market your home. 

You can check out this guide to learn how to sell my house for top dollar any month of the year. 

Are You Ready to Sell Your Home? 

Now that you know the worst time of year to sell a house, it’s time to start planning. However, keep in mind that this is just a guideline, and if you’re ready to sell your home in the winter or fall, you should go for it. 

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