7 Tips For Keeping Your Home Exterior Clean in the Winter!

Home Exterior Clean in the Winter

Are you wondering how to spend all the free time you now have thanks to the lockdown and the pandemic? Instead of spending it playing video games or talking to friends online, you could do something more productive such as cleaning your house and making sure your home exterior is pristine.

But what do you need to do to keep your home exterior clean in Winter? The cold weather could spell trouble for your house if you don’t look after it properly or clean it correctly.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to clean your home exterior in the winter. 

  1. Kill Mold Straight Away

When condensation is high because of the cold weather and rain mold can stack up pretty easily. You might not even notice it. But you need to be on top of this so that it doesn’t spread.

If there’s been a spattering of heavy rain one evening be sure to go around your house exterior and inspect for mold and gaps where it could get in. Remember damp is how mold starts. 

Remember that you can’t just kill the mold you also have to look for the causes of mold. This could include the foundations of your house which might not be properly insulated. You might find holes in your basement or plaster or even in your roof that is letting the rainwater in. 

  1. Write Yourself a Checklist 

If you try to clean your entire house in one day with no plan then the chances are you will be overwhelmed and will give up. To solve this issue write yourself a checklist. Start slowly. And work your way it, item-by-item, room-by-room.

This should include a thorough list of tasks that need doing for each room and how long they are going to take. Start with the room that you know is going to take the most time first. Then take a 15-20 minute break to reward yourself for your progress when it’s done. That way you’ll know it’s downhill from there when you’re cleaning the other rooms.

  1. Clean the Windows

Be sure to clean your windows at all costs. If you allow mold to build upon here then you are likely to get ill. Remember to clean the windowsill as well as the window panes themselves.

Use the correct chemicals. Don’t just use water and lemon or standard beach. There might be a specialist window cleaner you can use. But be sure to do some research online as to regards to which cleaner to use for your type of windows. 

Once you have cleaned your windows then you might want to consider doing a paint job if the paint is peeling off. 

Ask a professional to do this for you so you don’t mess up the job. 

  1. DeIce Straight Away

You don’t have to be the Queen of Clean to realize you should de-ice straight away. It could crack your windows and even get between the walls in your house. Be sure to defrost the ice as soon as you see it in the morning. 

Start by pouring some boiling water on the windows and see if this has any effect. Then take a scrapper and be sure to scrape the ice. It should come off more easily now. 

There are some professional deicing kits you can buy online if you want to do the job quickly and more effectively. 

  1. Clean the Fireplace

During the Winter the most important part of your house is going to be your fireplace. You are going to want to keep yourself warm when there’s snow outside. 

But if you’ve left your fireplace alone for the majority of the year then when you come to turn it on you might be in for a surprise. You might find that your fireplace is dusty or full of soot. Even fake fireplaces might be a little worse for wear.

To clean this you will potentially need to mount the exterior of your chimney. 

Pull out all of the appliances and do a deep clean from the inside. Be sure to wear a mask and some gloves so you don’t get ill or splutter from all the fumes and dirt that you might encounter. 

Then consider mounting your roof and carefully investigating your chimney. You may need to clean it from the outside. 

If your fireplace still doesn’t work properly or it gives off a strange smell then be sure to call an engineer as soon as you can to come around and have a look. You want to be particularly careful that you don’t end up with carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Maintaining your chimney is one of the most protective home coats you will be likely to make. 

  1. Do Big Tasks Before Winter Sets In

Prepare for Winter. Don’t leave your house over the summer and spring. Clean all year round but be sure to get round to do some basic home exterior cleaning tasks in September or October while it’s still pleasant outside.

Once the Winter hits if it’s snowing every day you’ll find it difficult to get people to come around to fix your appliances like a fireplace as they might be stuck because of the snow and demand will be higher. You want to know whether everything is working or not early so you don’t have to freeze inside for days while you try to clean or wait for an engineer. 

Another big task you should consider doing to prepare for winter is having your driveway sealed to avoid cracks. Be sure to contact this company to find out how much it will cost. 

Home Exterior: Clean Early 

Your home exterior is the most important part of your home. You might think that it’s inside of your home that’s important. But without a clean exterior, you are likely to find the interior of your home affected as well over time.

Be sure to do most of the major home exterior cleaning tasks before winter arrives so you are well-prepared for all eventualities during the harshest months of the year.

If you are interested in learning more about cleaning your home exterior be sure to check out the rest of our site.