5 Tips to Make a Brazilian Wax Bangor Maine Less Painful For Bikini Line

5 Tips to Make a Brazilian Wax Bangor Maine Less Painful For Bikini Line

It’s not like only a brave heart can show the guts choosing a Brazilian wax session, in fact, anyone who loves to wear bikini can go for it. Whether it’s your first session of Brazilian wax Bangor Maine or you’ve been waxing for years, with a little awareness and caution tips, you can make the waxing process less painful for your sensitive bikini line.

Below-mentioned is 5 tips for making a Brazilian wax much more pleasurable and painless experience.

1. Skip your coffee before waxing

With heavy heart, you have to skip your coffee before going for a Brazilian wax session. I know hearing this tip will break thousand of Starbucks lover’s heart into pieces. I can understand your obsession for coffee, but then it’s just for a few hours where you have to control yourself. For eyebrow waxing Bangor Maine or bikini line waxing, coffee is not good for the skin and can give rashes. The stimulants involved in coffee make human skin extra-sensitive. So, better to switch to decaf on the day of your appointment, if you really can’t live without it for a single day.

2. Use an exfoliation scrub before waxing

Exfoliation is necessary to get rid of the first layer of your dead skin. Also, it makes easier to pull the hair right from the root in the first try without giving much pain. For pain-free waxing experience, use a body scrub or serum before two days of waxing, for a quick and smooth bikini line waxing experience.

3. Use numbing cream rather ice cubes

Many find ice as an effective solution to numb the private parts where the Brazilian wax will be applied. If you’re one among them, you should stop rubbing ice to numb the bikini line area. Even when you consult with the best waxing near me specialist, they will strictly advise you to use a numbing cream than ice because ice has the property to tighten the skin and close up pores, making the waxing much more difficult. Instead, using the numbing cream about half an hour before waxing appointment help to reduce the pain.

4. Take Aspirin

It’s good to take two aspirin and drink a glass of water half an hour before waxing. A dose of aspirin will help reduce inflammation of the skin and also reduce the waxing pain.

5. Make sure the bikini line hair is or right length

Too short hair creates complication in pulling the hair from the roots and too long hair will need to be trimmed first. For the best waxing result, make sure the hair is about a ¼ inch long to the skin before you wax.

We hope afore-mentioned tips and caution makes your first Brazilian waxing experience, a little less painful. However, with a few more sessions of waxing, you will feel less pain and get habitual of it. If you want a painless experience, professional waxing helps you maintain a healthy, itching-free, and glowing skin, and is much better than doing at home.