Jabari Banks: Age, Net Worth, Career, Height & Weight

Jabari Banks
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Jabari Banks has become quite famous for being an aspiring actor from the USA. So, let us tell you that he is a fantastic individual who has become famous for making his debut on  Bel-Air, playing the role of Will Smith. So, for those of you who don’t know about this series, let us tell you that this series is a dramatic adaptation of the Pracock production house. 

He is mainly popular for playing the role of young teen Will Smith in the series Bel Air. From his childhood, Jabari had a dream to become an actor. So, it’s quite heartening to see that he has achieved his dream. 

If you want to know more about the American actor Jabari, then you are at the right place. Here we will share some wonderful facts about Jabari. For example, we will share his birthdate, net worth, career details, personal life, family, and a few other facts. So, now’s the time to dig into this article and get all the facts about Banks.

Jabari Banks Wiki

Those of you who have already watched Jabari’s show, Bel-Air aired on 13th Feb 2022 know that the actor has done a fabulous job in playing the role of young Will Smith. He has gained lots of fans in no time. 

So, if you have become a fan of the actor, then you may also like to know a few other details about his life. According to the sources, Jabari was born in the year 1998. Moreover, we should also add that his date of birth is 2nd August. So, that’s why we can say that as of 2023, Jabari Banks age is around 24 years old. The 24-year-old actor Jabari is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Based on his birthdate, we can say that his zodiac sign is Leo. 

If you want to know about his schooling, then let us tell you that Jabari went to a private local school in Philly Town. So, after completing his school, he joined west Philly University to obtain a degree in arts. 

There are no details available about Jabari Banks parents. However, we do know that he is from a middle-class family in west Philadelphia. But, he hasn’t disclosed any particular detail about his parents or family members. So, that’s why we don’t even know whether he has any siblings or not. Jabari on the other hand however has mentioned that his parents have watched all the seasons of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. 

Jabari Banks Wiki
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Personal Life Of Jabari

There are a lot of people who want to know about the girlfriend or Jabari Banks. If you are one of those who want to know, then let us tell you that, Jabari doens’t have anyone in his life right now. Even if he does have someone, he leads a very low-key life for us to know anything about it. In other words, even if he has someone in his life, he hasn’t disclosed it to the public. 

Jabari Banks’s Height & Weight
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Jabari Banks’s Height & Weight

So, if you want to know about Jabari Banks height and weight, then you are at the right place. According to the sources, Jabari stands tall at a height of around 6 inches. In addition, we should also note that he weighs around 80 kilograms. 

Career Details Of Jabari

Since his childhood, Jabari has had a huge interest in acting. Entering the arena of the acting and playing the lead hero is a dream of many aspiring actors. Just like them, Jabari also shared the same dream. Even though Jabari hasn’t done anything substantial apart from Bel Air 2022, it’s true that it’s only a matter of time before we will see lots of Jabari Banks movies. At present, Jabari is in California living his dream. 

Talking about his role in the reboot of Bel Air, the actor said, “Throughout my whole life, people said, you kind of have mannerisms like Will, and you move like him a little bit…this is my first TV role and The Fresh Prince was Will Smith’s first Television role.”

Jabari Banks’s Height & Weight
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Net Worth

There’s no doubt about the fact that Jabari is a very cool aspiring actor. He played the role of Will Smith excellent in the Bel Air reboot 2022 series. However, he hasn’t disclosed his net worth yet to the media. But, the sources tell us that the US actor Jabari enjoys a net worth of around 1 million USD as of 2023. 

Credit: TV insider


1. Who Is Jabari Banks?

Jabari Banks is famous for being a wonderful aspiring actor from West Philadelphia, USA. He played the role of young Will Smith in the reboot Bel Air series in 2022. 

2. How Old Is Jabari Banks?

According to the birthdate of Jabari, we can say that as of 2023, he is around 24 years old. 

3. What Is The Height Of Jabari Banks?

Jabari, the US actor, and celebrity stands tall at a height of around 6 ft. 

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