The Best Foods to Prepare You for a Boozy Night

Drinking Alcohol
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Do you know what you should be eating before a night out? Well, it depends on the night. Do you like cheese and wine? What about after the pubs and going in to get a cheeky doner kebab? Would you be staying in or going out to the pubs and clubs? What about Pre’s? When drinking, it is much better when there is food to have or nibble on. The best way to drink responsibly is to eat properly while drinking alcohol. So what makes for a good choice? We explore this in this guide.  

Some nibbles 

Some snacks that are always needed are something as small and simple as crisps, or even cut-up vegetables with hummus. They are always good to be at a table for some small nibbles while you have some drinks, but it is not as good as having some proper food beforehand.  

If you want a classy night in, you could have some crackers and cheese with smoked salmon and dill cream or mini prawn cocktail poppadoms. If you are putting time and effort into for night in with a few drinks you could experiment more with little snacks that have a good balance of protein, fat, and carbs to prevent you from getting too drunk.  

Eating before drinking  

How important is it to be lining the stomach before drinking alcohol? If you eat a good meal before drinking it means it takes longer to feel the effects of alcohol. This, in turn, means that your hangover will not be as bad as it would be without eating before. It means you will be less likely to get a pounding headache, or a tight stomach while regretting even why you decided to drink, and then telling yourself you will never do it again. If you are trying out a game on, you don’t want to regret it in the morning. 

Some meals that you could eat before drinking that are rich in carbs, fat or protein are pasta. Who does not love a good pasta meal? They are quick, simple and easy to make with little effort. This is perfect if you are in a rush, and it gives you time to have a quick meal before drinking alcohol. Tuna pasta bake, chicken alfredo or spaghetti meatballs would be a perfect meal to have. In the meal, you have got carbs, fat and protein.  

You could add products like eggs, bananas, salmon or even Greek yoghurt to whatever meal you are having before going out for drinks. This is so simple but overall helps you enjoy the night and more importantly the next day. Another meal that you could have is pizza. They are simple to buy and make the toppings or possibly the base, as well as getting full choice on what you would like on it.  


If you are drinking, it is best to eat properly and healthily to line the stomach. This helps you overall as you don’t get drunk nearly as fast and reduces your horrible and dreaded hangover the next day. If you do choose the wrong foods before drinking, you could be left feeling sluggish, bloated, and feeling even worse the next day. 

And remember, we are not encouraging reckless drinking. Please drink responsibly. 

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