EMTB Buying Guide: Should I Own an EMTB?

EMTB Buying Guide

For outdoor enthusiasts, an electric mountain bike is extremely attractive. The EMTB gives them more room for adventure, allowing them to ride longer, explore farther and challenge mountains that other bikes can’t handle. That’s why more and more cyclists are turning to electric mountain bikes.

With the increasing popularity of EMTBs, almost every brand now has a few electric mountain bikes. This makes it more complicated for beginners to choose an electric mountain bike. If you’re interested in electric mountain bikes, then you’ve come to the right place. This guide will help you understand electric mountain bikes and decide whether to buy one for yourself.

What is an EMTB?

The EMTB is an electric mountain bike with integrated pedal power to assist the rider while riding. It allows adventurous riders to tackle off-road conditions with ease and makes steep inclines easier with the help of pedal assistance. In addition to pedal power, what makes electric mountain bikes so fun is that they are equipped with a battery and motor. They provide different levels of assistance so that riders can enjoy a more comfortable riding experience.

The EMTB uses many of the same features as traditional mountain bikes, such as fat tires and advanced suspension, so riders can tackle uneven terrain in comfort. For many people, electric mountain bikes expand their riding options and help them explore previously inaccessible trails. They can have more fun by riding further as well as tackling the steep hills that once intimidated them!

Benefits of an EMTB

If you plan to travel to remote areas by bike, a mountain electric bike for adults may be a must-have. Apart from the obvious benefit of not having to pedal as often, what other benefits does it give you? Let’s check it out!

Overcome Rough Terrain: Generally speaking, electric mountain bikes are equipped with powerful motors. This allows them to excel on rough terrain and helps riders climb steep hills with ease. You also don’t need to spend much effort on rugged terrain.

Increase Range: These electric mountain bikes are usually equipped with efficient and large-capacity lithium-ion batteries, which allow for a long-range per charge. With its throttle assist and battery function, you can ride farther without feeling tired.

Ride smoothly: Electric mountain bikes are designed for off-road riding. So their suspension system will be superior to that of a standard e-bike. It absorbs a lot of shocks in order to ride more smoothly even on particularly rough terrain.

Type of electric mountain bike

What makes electric mountain bikes very versatile is that, like their non-electric counterparts, they are available in hardtail and full suspension varieties. So, what is the difference between these two types of electric bikes? Which one is suitable for beginners? Let’s take a look.

Hardtail mountain ebike

As a type of electric mountain bike, the hardtail mountain ebike is a bike with a lack of rear suspension. It can be used to ride in many terrains. Its versatility and flexibility mean that it will perform well when riding in most places. On less technical terrain, hardtails tend to offer a more direct riding experience. Its rigid rear end provides excellent power transfer to the rear wheels on climbs and sprints.

For beginners, a hardtail is a good choice. The lower cost compared to a full-suspension bike means it doesn’t have to be a huge investment for someone just getting into electric mountain biking. By riding without full suspension, you can also get a better feel for the hills and the bike’s handling. This helps you build better riding skills before moving to a full-suspension bike.

Full suspension mountain ebike

A full-suspension mountain ebike differs from a hardtail mountain ebike in that it has an extra rear shock. It performs better on rough terrain thanks to the traction provided by the rear suspension. On bumpier mountain roads, the rear shocks help ensure that the tires stay in contact with the ground, thus improving traction rather than bouncing off the bumps and losing grip. This definitely allows you to ride more smoothly, thus improving the comfort of your ride.

Confidence is an important part of mountain biking, especially for those who are new to the sport. Due to the greater stability of a full suspension mountain bike, it gives you a boost of confidence in your riding. This is also its most obvious advantage. But if you are going to buy a full-suspension electric mountain bike, you need to consider whether you can live with its drawbacks, such as extra weight, higher costs, and more maintenance. When it comes to maintenance, some of you may not be so clear about that. Here is the blog about ebike maintenance, check it out if you need it.

Best electric mountain bikes for beginners

At Magicycle, we have the best entry-level electric mountain bikes for beginners. Each one has its unique advantages, and you can find the right electric mountain bike for your needs. We’ll dive into the details of each of our models in the following.

Ocelot Pro

Ocelot Pro

The Magicycle Ocelot Pro is an all-around fat tire ebike designed for long-distance and all-terrain adventures. For shorter riders, this ebike will be ideal for you with its convenient step-through frame. It has 20″ x 4″ fat tires, which gives the bike a lower overall profile and provides exceptional grip and control on unpaved roads.

In addition, the bike is equipped with a high-torque 750-watt rear hub motor with the ability to climb hills and fight headwinds. Its motor is paired with an extra-long lithium battery rated at 52V/20Ah, giving you a range of over 50 miles per charge. When doing mountain riding, will help you to deal with rugged mountain roads easily.


Midnight Beach Cruiser

The Magicycle Cruiser is an affordable all-terrain fat tire electric bike with a 750-watt motor and 52V battery. This motor is made by a motor manufacturer called Shengyi and has a torque of 86Nm. The powerful motor and large capacity battery provide it with extra power, so it’s no slouch uphill.

Riding an ebike with good wheels and tires is critical to a safe and comfortable ride. The Cruiser has 26″ x 4″ Kenda fat tires with a non-slip design and puncture resistance. It is ideal for riding on a variety of terrain, including beaches, snow, mountains, and more. If you buy one, you can tackle any terrain without a struggle.

Cruiser Pro

Long Range Powerful Cruiser

The Magicycle Cruiser Pro is an electric bike designed to conquer all terrains and steep hills. It is also a bike that focuses on comfort. It has a hydraulic suspension fork that provides shock absorption and a locking feature. This provides a more comfortable riding experience, especially in mountainous terrain.

The most important thing is that it has upgraded brakes, using hydraulic brakes. It provides more authoritative braking power than mechanical brakes, giving you more confidence when riding. The brake upgrade means no need to worry about stopping, even on steep hills or in bad weather. If you own one of these bikes, you’ll appreciate its high-quality braking system.

EMTB riding tips for beginners

When you decide to own an electric mountain bike, then it’s time to learn some riding tips specifically for beginners. We will share some basic riding tips on climbing, downhill, and braking to keep you safe.

Climbing: When climbing, beginners should start with a lower gear and a steady rhythm. It’s best to stay seated in the saddle of your EMTB, as this gives you more power and good traction on the rear wheel. Always stay in the saddle and move your body forward, even on very steep sections.

Downhill: When dealing with downhill slopes, always use your EMTB’s suspension and keep your tires in contact with the ground. Keeping your tires in contact with the ground will help you brake on downhills, turn and handle technical terrain with more control.

Braking: Brakes are a very important feature of your bike, so check that your brakes are responsive before you enter the mountain road. When braking, you must move your center of gravity higher because the battery and engine cause the EMTB to have a lower center of gravity.

What else do I need to ride my EMTB

For most beginners, all you need is some basic electric mountain bike gear. We strongly recommend that all riders wear helmets. Electric mountain bikes can reach very high speeds, and helmets can protect your head in case of accidents. For first-time riders, lights are another essential safety accessory. Riding in low light is not advisable, especially when riding at night. In addition, If you’re going on a long ride or overnight trip, you may need some extra power. So it is recommended to bring a spare battery when you travel.

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