Some Behind Ear Tattoos Ideas You Must Try

Behind Ear Tattoos

Behind ear tattoos. Three words that make you excited and anxious at the same time, yes? Unless you are one of those body control types who do not mind any kind of scrawling on the flesh, as long as it is novel. But here is the thing, even if you are a first-timer, getting a tattoo behind the ear can be quite fun. They are discreet and fun, and you can be sure getting them is no more painful than getting a tattoo on any other part of the body. In fact, some people even say it doesn’t hurt at all. We take a look at some of the most alluring patterns. 

Initials and Eye Spy

One of the most popular types of behind-the-ear tattoos is to simply get the initials of your name. Either that or you can choose to get a tiny symbol that will look good nestled behind the ear. The script is a bit risky but you can take that risk if you are the daring type. Just make sure you don’t get something that becomes messed up and ruins your tattoo within a few years. There are people who carve entire quotes onto their skin. 

A little eye is one of the most favorite symbols first-timers opt for. Think of it as your own little eye spy. Micro seems to be the flavor of the season. People are getting little birds, little skulls, little words, and little signs etched on their skin. And done right, it does look gorgeous.

Initials and Eye Spy
Credit: ETSY

You just have to make sure you get something that looks good on your skin. Professional tattoo artists like JonBoy of West 4 Tattoo state it is the micro rendering of traditional tattoos that most people are going for. Who knows, tiny pizzas may just start becoming the fashion in the distant future. 

A Little Abstractism

A Little Abstractism

Furthermore, there is a trend of abstract shadows in the world of tattoos. Abstract art can define a whole gamut of things through imagery that is not overt. For example, Balazs Bercsenyi of Bang Bang created a series of shadowy sound waves for a girl who was deaf in one ear. The idea was since she could not hear from that ear, the sound waves were a way of asserting control over that part. You can try some other designs that suit your style or speak of some suppressed desire that you may want to let out. 

Add another layer of mysticism to your tattoos by choosing a foreign language. It definitely makes you look cool and mysterious until the other guy knows the language. Then it may not be as appealing to them. However, that is no reason to not opt for it. The most popular scripts for a tattoo in a foreign tongue these days are Farsi or Arabic. This is quite evident from the fact that both these scripts flow very smoothly and can be converted into tattoos with great ease. But once again, all the tongues of the world are on the table for you. 

If you are a history buff or simply feeling a bit nostalgic for the Roman Empire, you can go for the Roman numerical tattoo. Whether or not you want to communicate the meaning of the tattoo to others, a numerical one is always a good choice. Furthermore, if you are feeling particularly about your city, get the name tattooed in a stylized manner. Whatever you do, it is important to have fun and respect your body. 


1. What are some behind ear tattoos men?

Some behind-the-ear tattoos for men are abstract shadows, foreign script, and micro. 

2. What are some behind ear tattoos for women?

Some behind-the-ear tattoos for women are little initials, eye spy, and abstract shadow. 

3. What are some behind ear tattoos for guys?

Some behind-the-ear tattoos for guys are numerical tattoos and foreign script. 

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