4 Activities to Break the Ice with an Older Foster Child

Foster Child

Welcoming a new foster child into your home can be an exciting yet daunting experience for everybody involved. Fostering can become one of the most rewarding things that you will ever do with your life, giving you the chance to provide a child with the safe, secure, and loving family home that they need. But those first few days or even weeks when they first join your household may be slightly awkward. It’s not uncommon for foster parents to be nervous, and for older kids and teens in foster care, living in a new home with people who they might have only met a few times previously can be an overwhelming experience. While it can take some time for them to settle in, taking part in activities together can help start building your bond. 


Bringing a new foster child into your home means providing them with their own bedroom and personal space within your house. You can find more information on foster child bedrooms at orangegrovefostercare.co.uk. While you may have already provided the basics, it’s a good idea to wait until the foster child is in your home to get other items that they might like, such as games, stuffed toys, and other items that are personal to them. Going shopping for new clothes, bedding, toys and games, and anything else they like is a good way to get to know them and welcome them into your home. 

Play Games

Playing games together can be a fun way to get to know one another if you are fostering an older child. Choose a game that’s funny and relaxed, to give you a chance to break the ice and get talking. Board games and card games are great options as you’re not staring at a screen, and they are more social. Don’t press your foster child to talk a lot if they still seem shy – having fun and playing a game together will be a great positive experience for them, that may help them open up to you when they feel ready to. 

Movie Night

It’s important to let your foster child settle in and come around to opening up to you more in their own time. If your foster child is shy and reserved, then a movie night can be a great way to make them feel welcome in your home and demonstrate that this is a safe and relaxed space for them. Get some snacks and let them pick out their favourite movie or something that they have always wanted to watch. 


Doing some arts and crafts together can be an ideal way to bond with your new foster child, at almost any age. If you are a creative person and love art or making things then it can be a great opportunity to invite your foster child into your world, and have some fun being creative together. 

The initial stages of welcoming a foster child into your home can be overwhelming for both you and them. Planning some chilled-out, fun activities to do together can help you break the ice and start building a bond.

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