What Should Be on a Clothing Hanging Tag?

Hanging Tag

Although clothing tags and labels are primarily made to indicate pricing and size, more effort is required to develop a more effective hangtag. Unsure what to put onto your hang tag? Well. We shall be looking at the best hanging tags you can readily use on your clothing.

Why Are Clothing Hanging Tag Essential?

Hang tags play a critical role in giving a customer helpful information on a product, advising the customer on how to handle their garment when washing, and improving brand credibility. Here are reasons why tags are essential;

  • Branding 

Clothing tags provide an opportunity for designers to showcase their brands. Besides carrying technical information like material used and temperature details, clothing tags can be leveraged as branding elements.

Factors like the color used, material choice, tagline, and logo can elicit a particular feeling. Additionally, the hangtag highlights attributes and benefits that back up why clients should purchase the product. When correctly done, your customers develop trust in your brand, ultimately boosting loyalty, amounting to a successful long-term business.

  • Adds Perceived Value 

Clothing tags greatly influence how customers evaluate the merits of your particular product in a sea of similar elements. They add a noticeable oomph to your product and convince clients of your product’s capacity to satisfy their needs.

  • Attention Capturing 

With a vast majority of similar products in the marketplace, whatever you do to set your apparel apart is your perfect selling point. That includes your clothing hangtag.

Things you Should Know Before Making a Hanging Tag

First off, understand the purpose of having a hanging tag. Why is the tag essential? Here is why.                                                                                                                         

Hanging tags enable you to attach important information. This information can be anything from the type and color of the material used, the tagline, to the company logo. These aspects greatly influence customer’s emotions, decisions, and logic while selecting products. 

On the other hand, people tend to focus on hangtags while shopping, especially when the product has different brands. Given that choosing between various brands is quite cumbersome, most customers often resort to hanging tags to save the day. At least clothing hang tags can provide the desired information.

Other factors you need to know are customers’ questions. What questions do customers have in mind considering your product? Find out, then answer them by printing relevant answers onto the hangtag. Doing this builds trust considerably with clients.

So, what should you include on the clothing hang tag?

Things you Should Place On a Hang Tag

The brand name is perhaps the key feature you should have in mind while designing a hangtag. First-time customers can’t identify your product while shopping the next time if you fail to position your brand. To avoid such cases, vividly showcase your brand using similar and vibrant brand names across all your products.

  • Taglines 

Taglines are effective value boosters. They summarize your company’s ambiance in a catchy and concise manner. For a luxury outlook and feel, or for purposes of protecting the silk, you might consider the spot UV finish.

  • Care and Content Information

Although wear and tear are inevitable, proper care of the clothing can considerably slow the process. Most people tend to rip and shrink their clothes by failing to adhere to the care guidelines. For example, certain fabrics are not machine washable. In that case, placing this information on your hang tag is vital.

Other materials might be sensitive to heat. Therefore, make sure your clothing hang tag indicates the right temperature during washing. Other content information includes the quality of your garment. Is it 100 % cotton?

  • Point of Contact 

First-time customers might be willing to interact more with other relative products and services from your retail in the near future. How are they going to access your services? Print a point of contact on the hangtag.

A point of contact can comprise anything from your website links and social handles (Facebook business page, Twitter, etc.) to your email address. This information will enable clients to learn more about your products through your website, physical contact, or other alternatives.

  • Product Information 

Not every aspect of your product is going to be self-evident to your customers. Most customers won’t tell whether your garment is wrinkle-free or has a unique hidden pocket. You’ll have to include such details in your hangtag. 

Hanging tags are crucial elements of your clothing that should not be overlooked. If you need more tips on making hanging tags visit our website for more details on custom tags and free consultations.