How To Find Credible Sources For College Essays

College Essays

A student puts in their efforts to make their assignments high-quality. They need to take all steps to ensure that they follow the steps that ensure academic integrity. Quality must be the first and foremost priority and objective.

College and university essays are vastly different from the school’s essays. Here you have to focus on fulfilling the university requirements and dip yourself in research work. Essays are highly analytical, and you must bank on facts and data to establish your viewpoint after unfolding the thesis statement.

Research skill is one of the basic skills needed to prepare a high-quality essay. There are many resources like journals, books, and scholarly articles that pass the test of authenticity or credibility.

But you have to find the ones that serve your aim. It is not that easy, and the efforts of many students meet with average grades simply because they can not determine the resources they need for their assignments. The following article shows light on how you can find credible resources for your college essays.

What Are Credible Sources?

The first question that is bound to tickle your head is about credible resources. Yes, you got it right; the internet is flooded with resources from which you can get data. But all of them may not serve your purpose. Moreover, the university may find them null and void. Therefore you need to focus quite a lot on the resources.

Generally, the materials published before ten years are called credible resources. You must consider the importance of the author involved in the research study. Government-run websites and education( .edu or .com) are considered safe resources for researchers th. You can also get them from Google Scholar. All you need to do is set the years, and you can get high-quality material to write your work.

Why Do You Need To Use A Credible Resource For Your Research?

There are some reasons why you need credible resources for your research. Any research, big or small in scale, is driven by an objective. So the scholars put all their efforts into making it a real quality. There is no scope for airy talks, and everything has to be anchored by concrete research and development.

The college and university follow a similar spirit when writing the research paper. It increases the credibility of the research, and at the same time, the students will understand the value and authenticity of it. Driven by this spirit, the universities enforce strict guidelines so that the students develop the habit of using authentic sources to write their work. It’s all about cultivating good practice.

The universities that spend the most on research in the USA include John Hopkins University, the University of Michigan, and the University of California.

What Are Some Of The Credible Sources

This section provides a list of credible resources for you to conduct your research.

Research Think Tanks

Notable research think tanks you can consider to serve your aim include Pew Research Center, Rand Corporation, and the Milken Institute.

Academic Libraries And Databases 

It is one of the most common databases for extracting high-quality experts, like academic libraries and databases. The most notable ones you can access include Scopus, jstor, proquest, and others.

Government Entities 

It is quite natural that government-backed research is highly authentic. This is because the activities involve comprehensive regulations and thorough vigilance of the stakeholders.

Google Scholar

It is the most used database to find scholarly websites and articles. You only need to get the specific year to get these essays in that time frame.

Apart from these, you can take the help of some other educational inferences like Cornel university library, Microsoft Academic, and Taylor and Francis Online. These research databases mentioned above are highly important and stand the test of reliability and authenticity.

If you need to learn how to gather data from these resources, you can take the help of professional writing services like Ivory Research. They are professionals and use the above-mentioned database to improve essay quality. So you can bank on their services and get the desired quality in your essays.

How To Find The Credible Resources For The College Essays 

A student must know how to find credible resources for their essays. Things would be thoroughly difficult to find out if you provided data from the above sources. So we discuss this in this section.

Try To Find Recent Resources.

Always bank on resources that are at most ten years old. If you are using resources more than ten years old, it denotes you are using a backdated research paper. This is because research has become extremely fast, and scientific development is moving at that pace.

Writer’s Background 

The writer’s background is a crucial aspect of the selection of resources. If you look at the scholar’s background, you can gauge their experience in the field. Also, you can learn if the writer works for a government or private institution.

Using Verified Sources 

Another criterion you must follow for the research is verifying the references before using them.

This is why you must select the scholastic papers that are PR reviewed. Apart from this, you can consider some factors for academic study. You have to consider the depth of the research, meaning how long the article is, and contain the necessary information like a reference list.

You must also take in mind the audience of the research paper. It means you must consider the target audience in this research paper.

You must also ask yourself, while selecting the particular research paper, about the object of the research. It means you have to be spot-on with the ultimate objective of the research paper.

Bringing The Discussion To A Close 

It can be said that the student needs to be particular in the selection of the resources while writing the essays.

The only requirement of essays is high quality, and one can achieve it only through proper research and analysis. Therefore one has to be mindful while selecting the resource. They must follow the ways discussed above.

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