What is a Cricket Doosra?

Cricket Doosra

In the sport of cricket there are many actions that might look quite simple but that can actually be quite complex. One of them is the act of bowling, which in simple words, is when the bowler throws the ball to try to hit the wickets. Fans of the sport can make all bet only on in.1xbet.com, which features tons of excellent cricket matches.

Bowling is much more than just throwing a ball in a way that makes it difficult for the batsmen to hit. The best bowlers have developed a lot of techniques in order to make the job for the batsmen as hard as possible. One of those techniques is known as the doosra, and it has been quite effective in the sport. When wanting to wager, all bet only on the 1xBet website offer some excellent odds.

A highly effective technique

The doosra is a technique that requires a high level of coordination between the arm, the hand and even the fingers of the bowler. To use it, the bowler must keep the wrist in a fixed position with respect to the rest of the arm. The https://in.1xbet.com/line/Cricket website can be visited to place wagers on the best bowlers from all across the world.

Before releasing the ball, the player moves the ring and index fingers in opposite directions. This not only ensures a powerful delivery. This also allows the ball to start spinning in a seemingly unpredictable direction.

Normally, batsmen are more used to off-break bowls. However, the doosra makes it spin in the opposite direction than a normal off-break, making the task of hitting the ball quite difficult. The 1xBet website can be used to place wagers whenever some great bowlers are ready to throw the ball.

Difficult deliveries

Many players have tried to use the doosra in their careers with varying degrees of success. The player credited with developing the technique is Saqlain Mushtaq. However, its name was given by Moin Khan. The word doosra comes from Urdu language and can be roughly translated as “the other one”. It is possible to go to 1xBet – all cricket streams free allow members to enjoy many games with all kinds of bowling techniques.

Achieving a successful doosra is very difficult. For this reason, very few players have been able to regularly use it during their careers. Some names are:

There are some bowling techniques that have been developed from the doosra. The most famous example is the Teesra. Fans can watch all cricket streams for free on 1xBet, where they can enjoy talented bowlers applying lots of different techniques.

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