Damages and Repair of a Concrete Floor

Damages and Repair of a Concrete Floor

Concrete is one of the most common types of flooring options used worldwide, especially for areas that have to withstand heavy loads like the garage or the driveway of your house because of its rigidity and durability. A good quality concrete floor will last for about 40 years outdoors and will even exceed that time if installed indoor. But like all things and parts of the house, nothing lasts forever, it is bound to get damaged. The most common damage to a concrete floor is the development of cracks, thin hairline cracks appear and it is not long after that you see some serious damage in the form of large and wide cracks on your flooring.

Potential Harms Of Damaged Concrete Floor

Concrete repair services in Roswell GA provide quality repairs to homes that face cracked or damaged floors. So why it is really that one must always tend to the repairs as quickly as he can?

The floors of your house serve a basic purpose of preventing the rise in water table around the house or else there would be growing pressure on the foundation walls of your house and you will start seeing signs of damage there very soon as well. When the floor develops even the smallest of cracks, the allow for water to seep through it, and if it is cold, it can freeze in the cracks and expand, which would cause them to broaden the cracks even faster than usual. The seeped water then keeps on building up in the soil around the house and makes it denser, if you have a basement then that’s where you’ll soon start noticing its effects.

Another major drawback of having cracked concrete floors at your house is that they tarnish the curb appeal of your house quite a bit. A single crack at a corner can be very well kept of sight but if you a consistent pattern of cracks over the floor, it certainly never fails to draw attention, and with the compromised curb appeal of the house you are also looking at a major fall in the value of your house as aesthetics are one of the most important things that buyers give credit to.

Need To Hire A Professional

There is a variety of easy fixes available for concrete floors that includes ready-made mixtures to be applied over the cracks to cover them up completely, but the following benefits are what you will be missing out on by not hiring a professional concrete repair company.


Seemingly easy, the preparation of the mixture to apply on the cracks of the concrete floor is not everyone’s piece of cake and can take a decent amount of time. If you are using ready-made mixtures on large and wide cracks, it will probably be of no use as it cannot withstand that amount of contraction for it doesn’t provide such a strong binding. A professional on the other hand will be well-verse with the preparation and applying of the right material on the damages, which in turn will save you a major chunk of time and trouble by saving you the time to try multiple fixes to finally come across the right one.

Adds To The Value Of Your House

As it has been mention already that having a crack floor will immediately compromise the aesthetics and hygiene of your house. It provides an ideal place for bacteria, moss, mold, and mildew to thrive in. What it also does is raise a red flag for any buyer that might be coming in to see your house for purchase, in which case you will either lose a buyer altogether or will get a quoted a price far lower than your expectations. A well maintained and crisply kept floor, on the contrary, is a major attraction for buyers and will make them develop an instantaneous interest in your house. Statistics of various sold houses prove for the house that has a smooth and clean flooring tend to sell much faster and at a higher price.

Prevents Further Damages

Most well-known concrete repair contractor will provide an assessment of the floor free of cost before they begin to work on repairing the damages to your floor. This assessment allows them to get to the root of the actual problem that had been causing the cracks and will suggest the most suitable plan for you to follow. This will not only end up with you having perfect finish floors with no traces of the fixes but also will prevent the same problem from incurring damage to your floor in the future. This factor happens to save you a lot of time and expenses by not tending to the same problem more than once.