Who is Jelly Roll Wife? Wiki, Personality, Education, and Social Media

Jelly Roll Wife

Jelly Roll Wife is a popular model, content creator on social media, and podcaster. She is well-known for her original content and stunning looks. Bunnie DeFord, who was born in January 21, 1995, near Tennessee, has made a name for herself in the entertainment world and is awed by her followers for her outstanding work. In this article we will discuss about her in further details.

Jelly Roll Wife Bunnie DeFord

She is a lively & colourful force of nature, a content creator on social media, artist, and podcaster. She has built a global following of over 781K admirers on social media sites since joining the online world four years ago. 

Bunnie, is a popular online personality who has work with a variety of businesses, including fashion labels, cosmetics firms, and lifestyle brands. Her great look, charm, and sense of style has made her a popular face to many brands. 

She marries American rapper Jelly Roll in such a stunning ceremony in their hometown in October 2020. The pair had been dating almost two years before they wed and were overjoyed to announce their news to the public.

She has been as an artist on the covers of various magazines, such as Vogue and GQ. She’s also been in countless campaigns and working with a few of the greatest names in fashion. Her abilities extend beyond fashion.

Bunnie Xo

She’s also an expert Content creator and talk show host. She frequently uploads videos on her YouTube channel, where she discusses fashion, health, and lifestyle. She also hosts her own podcast that has grown into a fan favourite.

Education and Schooling

She went Central High School and major in literature, English, as well as media studies. Also, she went to the University of Texas, where she got a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies with a focus in business. She then went to University of Southern California for a Master’s degree in internet and public relations.

Her education and career go beyond a university diploma. She also possesses a degree in marketing for social media from Digital Marketing Institute. This degree has made possible her job growth in internet marketing.

Before Becoming Famous

Before becoming a star, Jelly Roll Wife was just a regular girl growing up. She was always blown away by fashion, and entertainment as a youngster. She love playing with her look and was frequently seen at live concerts and clubs. Also, she was always looking for creative means of expressing herself & make herself unique.

Her career began in 2015, when she made her own account and began posting photographs of her own fashion and style. She began to rise in popularity, and by 2017, she had over 200,000 followers. She was appearing in different magazines, such as Maxim and Glamour, as her fans grew.

Jason DeFord,

Also, she uses the platform to tackle key themes such as body acceptance & Black Lives Matter in addition to fashion and beauty pieces. She is a mental health worker who has spoken up about her own issues with depression and stress. Also, she began a podcast called “The B&B”, which features interviews with creators and businesses.

She is a social media power house to be dealt with, having over 781K Instagram followers. Her distinct fashion style, inspiring words, and dedication to her followers have led her to achieve her goals.

She has shown that hard effort, focus, and a team player can help you win, from her early days as an unknown figure to her present status as social media celebrity.

Jelly Roll Wife Interests and Achievements

She is also a skilled dancer. She has been a member of various notable artists’ dancing troupes and has appeared in many music videos. This include “Crazy” by Lil Wayne, “Love for a Lifetime” by Pit-bull, and “Let Me Love You” by DJ Snake. Also, she has shown up in several plays and performances in the United States.

Her qualifications show how hard work, love, & dedication to her job can take you far. She has spent time establishing herself in online entertainment and the media. And her career goals have made possible her rise.

Jelly Roll Wife is a multi-talented girl with a variety of hobbies and skills. Her status as a celebrity on social media, with a significant following across many sites. It is one of the most noteworthy of them. Her hobbies include anything from performing and entertaining to beauty and style.

She is a huge music and entertainment loves as well as enjoys listening to hip-hop, rock, and R&B. She likes to see popular movies, go to concerts or music festivals, plus play video games. Also, she has been seen in music videos of musicians.

She has become an internet thing by often posting images of herself in varying stages of clothing and apparel. Bunnie is also well-known and held in high regard as a blogger with an impact. She promotes numerous goods and services via her profile and is now a great resource to many companies.

Besides that, she is too is keen on style and beauty. She enjoys dressing up in trendy and attractive clothes for special events or just for fun. She also enjoys cosmetics, skincare, & hair care. 

Jelly Roll Wife Hobbies 

She, is a great inspiration, and her followers love her for her charm & personality. She’s role model for women around, and her favourite topics always spark the attention of her fans. Her favourite things include:

  • She enjoys keeping up with the newest fashion trends and dressing in trendy clothing. Her signature style is traditional with a modern touch. 
  • And she enjoys mixing and matching different items to create a one-of-a-kind outfit.
  • She enjoys listening to many types of music and dancing as well. Also, she enjoys hip-hop, Rhythm and blues, and soul music.
  • She enjoys being active and working out to stay in shape. Sit ups, burpees, and other workouts are her favourite.
  • Sometimes, she goes to different countries to get ideas for her content creation. 


Jelly Roll Wife is a content creator on YouTube and Instagram well known for her personality. She was born in United States of America in 1995 and she has over a million followers across the globe. She got to marry her love of his life Jelly Roll. To learn more about her life then read this article.

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