Power BI Consultants

Power BI Consultants

Power BI consultants help businesses derive insights and create data-driven reports. They understand how to customize and integrate Power BI with existing business systems and databases.

Cobit Solution is an experienced Power BI consulting company. It has worked with clients from 38+ countries, including Fortune 500 leaders.

It is one of the fastest-growing Power BI companies in the EU. They build digital products and provide custom Power BI development services to customers across industries.

Business Intelligence Consulting

Business intelligence (BI) is a data analytics tool that helps businesses make better decisions by providing them with timely, accurate information about their customers, operations, and finances. Power BI consultants help businesses implement and use BI tools, and they also collaborate with staff members to train them on using these tools.

They identify and report on trends in business data to help companies improve decision-making, efficiency, and efficacy. They also assist with BI solution monitoring, troubleshooting,   and training.

Whether you’re looking to gain insights into sales, customer service, marketing, operations, or any other department within your organization, our highly experienced Power BI consultants are ready to help you EVOLVE. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how Power BI can transform your business. With a proven SIOT methodology that includes strategy, implementation, optimization, and training, we can help you realize the full return on your BI investment.

Data Analytics

With the help of our highly experienced Power BI consultants, you can create and manage business intelligence dashboards, reports, and data visualizations. It’s a cost-effective option that will allow your business to focus on other areas and increase its return on investment.

Data analytics is the process of analyzing and interpreting large data sets to provide insights that will improve decision-making. It’s a critical component of the digital transformation journey and is necessary for all industries, including retail, manufacturing, and logistics.

Data can be gathered from multiple sources, both online and offline. The challenge is in finding a way to extract this data, clean it, and integrate it in the best possible manner so that it can be utilized for business intelligence. Power BI provides this functionality by using its ETL tool, known as Power Query. This allows you to create a unified data model. This information can then be used to create engaging visuals.

Data Visualization

With the help of our highly experienced Power BI consultants, your company can implement and deploy a comprehensive business intelligence solution that delivers real insights and self-service analytics on any device. We offer expert-level guidance on everything from Power BI best practices to how to make the most of your data.

We help you to arrange informative, visually-pleasing dashboards that tell the story of your business data. Our Power BI consultant team will guide you through every step of the process, from connecting your data to shaping it into a visualization that meets your needs.

We can show you how to use a wide range of visuals including pie charts and bar graphs, scatter plots that highlight the relationship between two variables (such as marketing spend and revenue) and tree maps that display hierarchies and comparative values at a glance. There are also geospatial and network visualizations that let you see meaningful connections within your data and illustrate them with shapes and colors.

Data Integration

Professional Power BI consulting firms provide guidance and solutions to implement business analytics software in your company for a data-driven decision making. These professionals help you streamline the process of transforming raw data into accurate analytics insights using compelling visualizations and dashboards. They also assist with promptly upgrading your existing Power BI platform to meet the changing needs of your organization.

Statistically, data analytics and IT professionals spend up to 80% of their time preparing and cleansing the data sets for analysis. This is because they have to fetch the data from multiple sources, export it, convert it into the right format and finally import it into the Power BI.

Having access to your live data anytime anywhere allows you to make better decisions and improve the way you do business. With Power BI’s revolutionary tool, you can automatically extract your data from wherever it lives and create meaningful visualizations to meet the requirements of your stakeholders.