Welding Jobs Near Me: A Few Available Welding Jobs

welding jobs near me

In recent times, a considerable section of people has searched the internet with the following keyword- welding jobs near me. Well, so some of you, it might sound strange. However, it is far from being strange. In fact, in this world of growing inflation, any job is helpful. However, in the case of welding jobs, you must have sound practical and technical knowledge. Therefore, as more and more welding jobs near me searches stormed the internet, it becomes essential to address the issue.

In fact, around us, there are many jobs and works available. However, we do not have proper information about the available jobs. As a result, we miss out on many great chances. Even when we search for welding jobs near me on the internet, we get the news in bits and pieces. In such a manner it consumes more time and thereby delays our action. However, you need not worry. This is because this article will take you through some wielding jobs around you. Read the article to know about the welding jobs around you that are hiring.

Some Welding Jobs Near Me

There are many jobs that pop up as you search for welding jobs near me. The list  for wielding jobs includes:

  • Pipe Welder At Bilfinger Inc.

Bilfinger is looking for a pipe welder at their Inkwood, WV location. As the company notified that the selected candidate will have to execute the following responsibilities :

  • The employee must have the ability to TIG, stick, and/or orbital weld on carbon and/or stainless.
  • The employee must prioritise safety. They should also identify construction risks and inform the company.
  • The employees must select welding equipment or method suited to a given requirement.
  • They should also read blueprints and drawings.

The company also published some eligibility criteria. Firstly, the employees must have a GED along with completion or craft apprenticeship. Secondly, they must have reading skills, writing, basic mathematical and computer skills. Moreover, the employees must also be able to read blueprints and must be able to work at more than six feet from the ground. Apart from that, the company will conduct drug tests and background checks.

  • Pipe Welder At M&M Carnot

M&M deals with sustainable, natural refrigeration solutions, systems and innovative controls. The company is looking for a pipe welder. However, to be eligible, the employees should be able to use various welding machines and equipment. In addition, they must be able to do tubing, pipe fitting and setting of the equipment. They also should have the skill to install and maintain pipes for different projects. The employees should also follow set standards and procedures while wielding the pipes.

  • Second Shift Welder At Precision Pulley And Idler

If you are applying for this welding job, then you will have to perform a series of duties like:

  • Grinding and smoothing all OD welds
  • Producing finished pulleys.
  • Doing all the departmental jobs.
  • Installing reinforcement rings in pulleys.

In addition, you also need to do a series of other jobs. In order to be eligible for this job, you must be able to understand and use different papers works. You also must have the knowledge of using various instruments and tools related to welding. Moreover, good written and verbal communication skills are necessary. You should also have the ability to work under pressure of deadlines. As far as your education is concerned, this job requires you to have at least a GED and training for 1 month or two. A forklift license and welding certificate are also necessary. A strong and flexible physique is also necessary.

  • Welder At Choctaw Defense Manufacturing LLC.

This is yet another job that you will get if you search for welding jobs near me. This job requires you to weld metal components together with brazing and various arc gas welding equipment. For being eligible for this job, you must be able to understand blueprint and machine drawings. You will also have to connect electric cables. Moreover, you have to weld in all positions. In addition, you will need to do all work related to welding.

The educational experience required for this job is perfectly identical to that of Precision Pulley And Idler. It also demands a strong and flexible physique.

  • Welder At Bay Metal Works Inc.

This welding job requires you to work in the capacity of floor supervisors, quality control and shop supervisor. You will also have to weld in every possible position. Moreover, you will have to handle various instruments safely. All other jobs related to welding fall under your responsibility. The company however wants experience in welding for around 4 to 7 years. You also need to have a good ability in basic maths and tape measuring. In addition, you must also have the ability to read blueprints.

Concluding Remarks 

These are a few welding jobs that you get on searching welding jobs near me. However, there are a host of other welding jobs too. A steady internet search can bring all of them to you.