The Duster Coat is Going to Spruce Up Your Wardrobe This Winter

Duster Coat
Credit: Hermes

The duster coat is a tried and tested garment for winter which we all have seen, or even worn, from time to time in our lives. It is a winter staple, so to speak, and stops the cold like nothing else. Of course, you may argue in favor of other popular garments like teddy jackets, bombers and faux-fur jackets. 

But nothing, and I repeat it, nothing compares to the sheer grace of a duster jacket. Imagine walking down the street in a long coat and just oozing that Victorian gentleman aura that has almost every head on the block turning towards you. Let us discuss some of the aspects which make it the best winter wear to break out the moment cold winds kiss your neck this year. 

What precisely is a Duster?

The most obvious distinction between a duster coat and any other coat in the apparel industry is the length. The sheer length of a duster coat is awesome. It does not have to graze the very floor itself. Just a few inches beneath the knees will do, but it does have to be long. Of course, you know who Elizabeth Olsen is, right? One of the hottest celebrities in showbiz in this century, she plays Wanda Maximoff, or Scarlet Witch, as she is more popularly known. 

Olsen is often spotted on the streets and even at public events in a glorious duster coat. Jet black and below the ankle are what she prefers. And we can’t help but gaze at those beautiful legs framed against the smooth black fabric of the coat. Kate Middleton is yet another celebrity who prefers the duster coat though in a camel-coloured tone. Spick and polished are the words we use to describe them. What’s more, they even have men’s duster coats. 

Now, we know that the duster coat tends to be more on the classic side. But right now old fashioned is making a huge comeback. Everyone from Chrissy Teigen and Hailey Beiber is stocking up their wardrobes with oversized duster coats that they also flaunt with great panache.

The catch here is that you can always put on some chunky sweaters and thick layers and battle the cold efficiently. However, these garments are not always easy to pull off. The duster coat, on the other hand, provides an effortless brand of style mixed with substance. You may also check womens duster coat to choose the best one! 

What precisely is a Duster?
Credit: ebay

Brands to die for 

Mango, known for its innovative dresses and varied styles, has a duster coat for you which appeals to the eye like nothing else. Put it on and tie it off with a belt at the waist. And the best news is you don’t need to tailor it at all to suit your needs. It will fit you like a well-worn glove. Next is the Sandro Embellished Wool-Blend coat. Now, this is a duster to die for. The cool and classy plaid design harks back to a time when punk rock was setting the stage ablaze, and people were rocking retro styles left, right, and centre. Have you checked black duster coat?

Brands to die for 
Credit: vogue

H&M has a wool-blend duster coat which will allow you to show off your booties while fully adopting the lengthy hemline. The colors are soft caramel and brown, which are easy on the eye while not adding too much glitz. Moreover, if you are partial to other colors, Mother of Pearl has a Mable plaid coat that has brought buttons back into fashion. You may also check black duster coats as there are many coats available on the internet or in nearby stores.


1. What does a duster coat do?

It is a loose fitting coat which protects the body from trail dust and keeps you warm.

2. What is the difference between a trench coat and a duster coat?

Duster coats are much larger than trench coats. 

3. Are duster coats good in rain?

Duster coats are the best protection in rain. 

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