How To Renew Your Vehicle Registration In Dubai?

car registration in Dubai

You need to renew your car registration every year. If you have bought a brand-new car, the seller will manage all documentation for the first year. From the next year onwards, you will have to renew your car registration yourself.

Due to the natural distancing steps being considered to cover the coronavirus’s curb, motorists over the UAE can now renew their vehicle registration online. With inspection centers shuttered, there’s a momentary stop on receiving vehicles checked ahead of registration.

For the following few months, drivers are clear from vehicle inspections. They also don’t require to pay penalties or traffic black points before accepting their registrations renewed, the Ministry of Interior said in an announcement.

However, the penalties will remain on the motorist’s record. The vehicle inspection reservation is only valid to those whose registration expired less than six months ago. This indicates that if your registration expired before October 31, 2019, you’re still working to prepare your vehicle inspected, and therefore you will have to wait.

Here we will discuss the complete process of how to register your vehicle online in Dubai. Also, if you are in Dubai for a few months, don’t buy a car. You can opt-in for Rent a car option as it is more convenient.

Renewing car registration online

You can sign in to the Ministry of Interior’s website or the police app of your similar emirate and finish the required levels to renew your vehicle’s registration, which requires Dh350 for light vehicles.

In Dubai, head to RTA’s website or in Abu Dhabi, the emirate’s Abu Dhabi Police e-services portal. There you choose your vehicle and submit the necessary information online.

Drivers still require to guarantee their insurance is valid for 13 months before registering their vehicle.

Insurance can usually be renewed over the cell phone. Once you have your fresh insurance policy, you have the whole month to renew your vehicle registration, which operates for a whole year.

After achieving the registration renewal, you choose how you’d prefer your fresh registration card to be given, which requires between 12 to 15 AED.

No extra plastic registration cards!

You can also say bye to the registration cards issued yearly and the trouble of obtaining them each year. Under its ‘My Vehicle’ initiative, the RTA displaces these with e-registration cards with lifetime validity. That’s correct! The digitally announced confirmation of registration won’t have an expiry period, unlike its predecessor.

These practical registration cards for private vehicles have begun distributed from 1st August. However, keep in memory – You’ll yet have to renew your registration each year and drive your vehicle to one of the RTA-appointed centers for the vehicle examination

Note: You get a 30-day grace duration after your car registration terminates. Be assured to renew your registration before the grace duration terminates to skirt facing fines.

Penalties and Fines 

If you’re found driving with an expired registration, you’ll be penalized AED 500. Your car will also be detained for seven days if the registration is terminated above three months ago. And remember to follow the rules for a safe drive!

Tips to consider

You can renew ownership of expired vehicles online from the house for the next few months without the requirement to analyze service transportation centers, pay penalties, and traffic black points. Download the “RTA Dubai” App or “Dubai Drive.”

According to the directives published by the Ministry of Interior, the vehicle’s inspection is needed if the expiry period is more than six months (before the period of October 1, 2019). Vehicles with less than six months expiration period are eliminated from the inspection and can renew registration online. Here are the simple steps you can follow to renew your car registration in Dubai. If you are in Dubai for work purposes, then buying a new or used car will be the best choice. But for tourists, Car lease Dubai agencies are the far better choice.