How Many Jobs Are Available In Metal Fabrications? Check Out Before Applying

How Many Jobs Are Available In Metal Fabrications

Currently, the metal fabrications industry is one of the most diverse and rapidly growing industries all over the world, especially in the United States. So you must be thinking about how many jobs are available in metal fabrications industry, right? Needless to say, metal fabricators create products that are essential to the economy. Therefore, starting from aircraft parts to medical implants, we benefit greatly from them.

So naturally, this industry employs many workers who design and build products for companies. Therefore, anyone seeking a career opportunity within this industry can be happy to find out that many jobs are available here. Are you curious to find out more about them? Stay with us until the end, as we will share some significant details of those jobs.

What Are The Different Types Of Metal Fabrication Jobs You Can Apply For?

Needless to say, this industry is pretty vast and offers many chances for career growth. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), more than 61,070 metal fabricators are working in the United States. So you can well understand the statistics. Moreover, this number is projected to grow by 26% between 2020 and 2026. This is indeed much faster than the average for all occupations. At the same time, there are different types of metals that you can fabricate. Let us now How Many Jobs Are Available In Metal Fabrications? find out more about different kinds of jobs in this sector:

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How Many Jobs Are Available In Metal Fabrication? Here is the Lists

Field Installers

As you know, field installers are those people who install metal fabrication products in the field as opposed to in a factory. Therefore, field installers may work for a fabricator or a contractor. Moreover, they have a good idea of the products they are installing and know how to install them. 

Field Installers

Needless to say, the work can be pretty tough. This is because it often involves working in difficult or dangerous locations. Therefore, these people must work efficiently and quickly as time is also a big factor here. 

Pipefitters In The Metal Fabrication

If you have an idea regarding this industry, you will know that metal fabrication is a process that creates parts from metal sheets. This is mainly done by cutting, bending, and welding. Therefore, pipefitters are an essential part of this process. They use special tools and equipment to create and install piping systems. 

Pipefitters In The Metal Fabrication

So they must be able to read blueprints and follow the rules to ensure that they install the piping systems efficiently. At the same time, they need to know different types of pipe fittings. 


Needless to say, welders are a critical part of metal fabrication. You cannot imagine the entire process running without the help of the welders. Their skills and experience are necessary for producing high-quality metal products. At the same time, welder training programs teach students the skills they need to join metals together using various welding techniques.


In addition, welder’s career paths can vary. However, most start as mere novices and work up to become more skilled positions. Some welders may also become certified welder professionals. So why not start your training?

Sheet Metal Workers

As the name suggests, sheet metal workers or SMV use metal sheets to create various products. They may cut the metal sheet with a machine or hand and then form them into the desired shape. So they often work in factories but may also work in construction or automotive repair. The work is physically demanding and also requires a high level of accuracy. Therefore, people who work for this job need to be physically fit to avoid accidents. 


As you know, metal fabrication is a process that uses metalworking machines to create objects from metal. There are many different types of such machines, each with unique abilities. So in the metal fabrication industry, assemblers use these machines to create parts and components machinists have created.

Therefore, the job of an assembler is to take the parts created by the machinist and put them together in the correct order. It can be difficult, especially if the parts are very small or delicate.


You must know that metal fabrication is a process that uses various types of metal to create objects or products. This may involve using a machine in some scenarios, while it may require manual labor in others. So the final product can be something as simple as a tool or part or more complex like a vehicle or machine.

Needless to say, metal fabrication often gets used in the manufacturing and construction industries. In fact, many different types of fabricators work in these fields.


Ironworkers in the metal fabrication Industry are some of America’s most physically demanding jobs. Moreover, it is also a hard but gratifying job. Do you know what they do? These workers are responsible for shaping and assembling metal parts into products that meet specific customer needs. Therefore, they use various tools and machines to fabricate everything from car parts to skyscrapers. Since the metal fabrication industry is constantly growing, there is always a need for skilled workers.

Ending Note

So as we conclude, we can say the metal fabrication sector indeed has a variety of jobs for young people. However, all those jobs require you to be physically fit for these jobs. At the same time, you need technical knowledge since it involves working with various machines.

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