Valeri Vinatieri Bio-Wiki :【Adam Vinatieri Wife】Net Worth, Family, Kids

Valeri Vinatieri

In the first place, Valeri Vinatieri is a famous person in the United States of America. She is as her husband is an NFL player in America. Valeri is the wife of an NBL legend Adam Vinatieri. The couple is always in the news. Despite the popularity of the NBL football player, his wife Valeri remains no so active on social media.

Read through the article to know more about Valeri Vinatieri and her husband Adam. In the article, we include information on their marriage, the family of the couple, net worth, and more. 

Who is Valeri Vinatieri? 

As mentioned earlier Valeri is the wife of Adam, a celebrity in the USA. Her husband is none other than an NFL player in the United States of America. The marriage of Valeri and Adam took place in the year 2001. They are together for nearly 20 decades.

 So, Valeri as the wife of Adam Vinatieri hit the news. She has a famous husband in the football industry. Yet, the couple is close and loving even after being famous. 

Who is Adam Vinatieri? 

As stated in the above two parts of the article he is an NFL player in the United States of America. He was part of the national football league for 24 years. Even more, during his tenure at the league, he was in the New England patriot’s team. Apart from the New England Patriots, he was part of the Indianapolis cult team.

Adam Vinatieri is a very successful football player in the country. He has made many records in his career as a football player. Some of the records Adam owns are as follows:

  1. The first record Adam holds is most field goals – 599
  2. The second record he holds in the football league is most postseason points – 238
  3. Finally, most overtime field goals made 12 

The records that the player holds show that he is pretty famous in the industry. 

A note on the early life of the couple 

  1. Valeri Vinatieri Tough Valeri is a celebrity couple in America, very little is familiar about her. The age or place of birth of Valeri Vinatieri is not available. But we assume that she is in her 40’s as of 2020. Apart from this, there is information on the early life of Adam’s wife Valeri. 

Yet, it is familiar that she was a cheerleader in her high school days. She was a cheerleader for Maim Dolphins in the Metropolitan area. This shows that Valeria was already a fan of football even before meeting Adam Vinatieri.

  1. Adam Vinatieri Coming to the early life of the NFL player Adam Vinatieri he was born in South Dakota. The date of birth of Adam is 28 December 1972. He was born in Yankton, South Dakota in the United States of America. His parents are Judy M and Paul Vinatieri. He comes from an Italian family, as his great-great-grandfather was an Italian. He also has German and English ancestry. 

Adam’s childhood was a happy one with a large family and three siblings. But he did struggle at an early age. He had to enroll in classes for learning disabilities to read and write. Adam’s love for football began at an early age. He played the game in his high-school and senior years of school. Before becoming a famous kicker, Adam was a quarterback and middle line breaker. 

How did Adam and Valeria meet each other? 

Valeri is a very private person. She stays out of the spotlight even after being married to a celebrity. But the love of the couple is clear from a few photos shared in the media. So, now the question arises how did they meet? 

The answer to this question is not very clear. But as Valeri was a cheerleader for football game there are chances that they met then. Adam was in the team of New England patriots as a football player. During one of the trips to the south beach, he met Valeria. After meeting the couple slowly fell for each other and the rest is as we know. 

Hence, it can be Adam’s football career was the main reason for finding his soul mate. 

When did Adam and Valeria marriage tale place? 

The marriage of the couple took place in the year 2001. They are together for more nearly 20 years as of 2020. Over the years the couple stayed loyal to one another. There was never any news about the affair or split-up between the couple. Adam and Valeri Vinatieri were dating for some time before tying the knot. The happy couple remains close to one another. 

In simple words, we can say that Valeri and Adam’s marriage is a huge success. Apart from this they also have beautiful children that they love. 

Does the couple Adam and Valeria have any children? 

The couple Adam Vinatieri has children with his wife Valeria Vinatieri. The couple has beautiful and loving children. They have three children – two boys and a daughter. AJ Vinatieri and Gabriel Vinatieri are the names of the boys. 

On the other hand, the name of the girl child is Allison Vinatieri. Allison is the middle child of the couple. All three children of Adam and Valeri are their reflections. Adam is so very proud of his sons and daughter. Just like Adam his elder son AJ also plays American football. 

Apart from this, his daughter Allison is an amazing horse rider. We do hope that they grow up to be famous and happy like their parents. 

Three special and interesting facts on Adam Vinatieri

  1. The first and the most special interesting fact about Adam is he holds a prestigious record in the industry. He is the second player in American football history to record 100 points. Adam scored 100 points each in his first six years of career.
  2. The next interesting fact about the NFL player is his earning. In just season 23 of his career, he made 47,256,999 American dollars. In the season he was in two teams New England Patriots and Indianapolis cult.
  3. The last interesting fact about Adam is again in his career as an NFL player. He is the 12th kicker to score 1600 points in the NFL career. Also, Adam made a connection of 26 field goals in a season. This is very impressive in Adam’s career. 

What is the net worth of Adam and Valeria Vinatieri? 

The net worth estimation of Adam Vinatieri was around 10 Million US dollars. But this number did change tremendously. After the completion of season 23, Adam nearly made 47 Million dollars. This alone shows that his net worth is way more than the estimation amount. As of 2020, the Adam Vinatieri family net worth is around 50-60 million dollars. Most of Adam’s money comes from his career as a football player. 

Bottom Line:

To sum it up, Valeria is a celebrity wife in the United States of America. She is a very private person, and not much information is available on her personal life. But Valeria met Adam during one of his field trips. Their marriage took place in 2001 after dating for some time. 

Post marriage, the couple has three beautiful children. On the other hand, Adam is a successful NFL player in the country. The couple lives a happy life with their three children.