The Many Health Benefits Swimming Can Offer Seniors

Health Benefits Swimming

Thailand is one of the most popular retirement destinations in the world because of its pleasant climate, friendly people, and relatively low cost of living. A recent census showed around 3 million retirees from Western nations residing in the kingdom. Thailand is truly a wonderful place to live!

One of the draws for seniors coming to Thailand is the comparatively low price of housing when compared to their native country. You can get a luxury pool villa for a fraction of the cost, and really enjoy the fruits of your hard work in comfort and style! Another great aspect of Thai life is the opportunities for a more active and healthy lifestyle for people over age 60, in part because there is no winter to speak of to keep you stuck indoors for a large part of the year! That brings us to your new swimming pool, have you considered how great having one is for your health? Let’s dive in a bit deeper on how swimming and water exercises can help keep you hale and hearty!

As you are no doubt aware from your doctor’s lectures, regular exercise is extremely beneficial to seniors, it promotes better heart health, more flexibility, stronger bones and muscles, and can greatly lower your risk of injury. Not only all of that, it can also improve your mood and mental acuity, and make you look your best!

There is one form of exercise in particular that offers enormous benefits to seniors, and that is swimming. Exercising with the support of water allows you to get in great shape without putting much strain on your body. Swimming isn’t just low impact, it’s practically no impact, and presents very little risk of injury while providing a fantastic workout for the entire body because every muscle group is put to use! Let’s take a closer look at why swimming is great for you!

Swimming is gentle on your joints because it’s an exercise that’s not weight-bearing. If you suffer from pain and discomfort in your joints, swimming allows you to do a full body workout without putting pressure on your knees, spine, and hips.

Swimming improves your heart health. The aerobic nature of swimming improves your cardiovascular endurance, your heart grows larger and stronger so it can work better for you. Swimming improves blood circulation, lung health, and lowers blood pressure, all of which help you avoid disease!

Swimming Increases flexibility. Stretching out in the buoyant water for support before and after exercising is a great way to improve your flexibility. Swimming itself also increases flexibility in your neck, arms, hips, and legs thanks to its gentle reaching and pulling motions. 

Swimming improves muscles. Movement in the water puts all of your body’s muscle groups to work, it’s a wonderful way to perform resistance training that will improve your muscle strength and tone! That means that the more you swim, the better you will look as your body becomes stronger and your muscles more prominent!

While Thailand is a very safe country to live in, one must still exercise caution when swimming in the ocean and other waterways. We hope this article inspires you to dive into better health and fitness in your swimming pool!