Who Is Rhea Ripley Boyfriend, Demetri Jackson? Find Out A Few Riveting Facts About Him

Rhea Ripley Boyfriend
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Rhea Ripley is one of the most famous WWE Women champs. Well, she is also a fan favourite for some awesome stunts. So, do you want to know about Rhea Ripley boyfriend? As per the reports, we know that the name of her boyfriend is Demetri ‘Action’ Jackson. They really care about each other and always have each other’s back.

Moreover, it’s also true that the fans of WWE do know them pretty much. On social media, we do see their pictures quite frequently. So, when we talk about that they have each other’s back, we really do mean it. It’s because, recently, a section of people have hurled racial abuse towards Jackson, Rhea Ripley boyfriend. So, to retaliate, Rhea has condemned the racial comments about her boyfriend on Instagram.

If you want to know more about this incident and why people hurled racial abuse towards Jakcson, then we will provide you with some riveting facts. So, in this article, we will talk about Demetri Jackson and how Rhea has defended her boyfriend on Social media page.

Few Things To Know About Demetri Jackson, The Boyfriend Of WWE Star Rhea Ripley

So, before we move on to the topic, let’s talk about Rhea Ripley boyfriend Jemetri Jackson for a bit. Well, it’s true that Rhea herself is one of the most famous WWE Women’s champ. Similarly, her boyfriend too has a career in action based activities. In other words, Demetri is a wrrester on the independent circuit. Moreover, it’s worth noting that he belongs to Puerto Rican descent.

People love to call him ‘Action’ because that’s what he thrives for. According to Rhea, the duo first met at a gym. So, during that time, Demetri had only started his career in wrestling a year and a half prior. It was a pretty terrfiic moment for the duo and they hit it off almost instantly.

Apart from his wrestling career, he has also done his masters degree in Sports & Exercise. In other words, we can say that he has a complete knowledge of what he does. This is what his twitter bio suggests. Moreover, Rhea Ripley boyfriend Demetri Action Jackson has also competed in the WWE as enhancement talent. In addition, he has also made a few appearances on ALl Wrestling’s Dark Show on Youtube.

As we said earlier, Demetri’s nickname is ‘ACTION’ and he likes to train daily. Moreover fans can enjoy his wrestling matches as he posts those videos on Youtube. In fact, Rhea said that she like to help her boyfriend along the way.

So, the duo appeared in a podcast one time and Rhea said that they would watch matches and she would sort of break it down for him and explain things.

“I’m always there for him ‘cause I want him to succeed.”

Racial Abuse Hurled At Demetri & Rhea’s Reaction

As we said earlier, the wrestling couple Demetri and Rhea like to share romantic photos of themselves on social media. However, things didn’t go well as a lot of people hurled racial abuse at her boyfriend. So, Rhea has defended her boyfriend and said that she has become fed up with the racist fans.

In fact, she has also deleted a lot of comments about racial demeanor on the pictures. Therefore they even had to disable the comment section on many accounts. Recently, the WWE champ has posted on Instagram about racial comments.

“This. This is not okay…if you ever speak like this and I see it, you WILL be blocked.I will not hide names either…you deserve all the hate.”

So, we can say that Rhea Ripley boyfriend Demetri has certainly faced a lot of racial comments from the fans. However, this is not the first time that the WWE women’s champ Rhea had to see. In the year 2020, she posted a message and said that she had to delete a lot of blocks and block people.