What Is The Average Cost Of Appliance Repair?

Appliance Repair

Imagine opening the freezer in your home only to find out it has stopped working or won’t even turn on. Being frustrated may seem like the best and the only option available in this kind of situation, but it’s not. Instead, you should focus on how to get the damaged appliance repaired as soon as possible. 

In case you are wondering, here are some of the costs of repairing some common household appliances: 

Dishwasher Repair Cost

A dishwasher that won’t come on regardless of the number of times you hit the switch button or a leaky one can be quite annoying. Once your dishwasher fails to power on or is not doing an effective job, it would be best to call an experienced appliance repair expert for help. You will find them at Pittsburgh Appliance Repair.

Averagely, the cost of repairing a dishwasher ranges between $100 to $200. 

Refrigerator Repair Cost

The cost of fixing a refrigerator ranges between $200 to $400. Unfortunately, this does not include the cost of repairing an ice maker. More so, the price fluctuates depending on the brand, size, and how badly the freezer is damaged. You also need to keep in mind that fixing a fridge/freezer combo requires between two to three hours of labor costs. 

Average Oven/Range Repair Cost

The oven, stovetop, or any other part of your cooking range is usually one of the cheapest appliances to repair. This is because repairing it doesn’t take up as much time and labor cost as other appliances. 

When it comes to fixing these appliances, the extent of the damage and cost of replacement parts are usually the key pricing indicator. Nevertheless, the average price for an oven or range repair is $50 to $100, 

Normal stoves, gas-powered heaters, and fireplaces cost more to fix compared to the electric ones. This is simply because fixing gas-powered appliances is riskier.

Average Dryer Repair Cost

Problems with the drum, coil, belt, or a dryer that’s too hot, a broken timer, and others can cause a dryer not to function properly. Most people often wonder if a dryer repair costs more or less than getting a new one. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to that. This is because there are several brands of dryers with varying costs. So going by this, if you own a high-end dryer, repairing it will surely be more cost-effective than buying a new one. Nevertheless, the average cost ranges from $100 to $400. 

Average Cost of Fixing a Washing Machine

Averagely, you will spend between $120 to $500 to fix your washing machine, depending on the labor cost and time spent fixing it. Your washing machine can develop several problems which can lead to its total breakdown. Some key ones include belt issues, improper draining, and leaking issues. 

Things To Keep In Mind With Appliance Repairs

Certification And Qualification

First and foremost, you have to ensure an appliance repairer is certified to work in your state and has the proper licenses for the job you want to give them. You wouldn’t want an unqualified person to perform repair services on your home appliances. Just like you wouldn’t want a doctor that isn’t qualified to perform surgery on you because it makes the chances of the surgery less successful. This is also to ensure you’re abiding by all state and federal rules. 

Method Of Pricing

When it comes to appliance repair, it’s advisable to hire a local contractor over a technician working for a repair chain. This is because the local contractor will surely cost less and is also more accessible. In addition to this, you can try and group appliance repairs. 

One of the main questions you need to ask an appliance repair technician is how their fees are calculated. Most appliance repairers charge per hour. They will most likely also charge you for home visits. So you need to keep that in mind. Their pricing may also include money that will be used to purchase replacement parts needed for the repair. You should ask if they accept a credit card payment. You can also ask for recommendations from their past clients to determine the level of services they offer. 

Once you know the method of pricing used by an appliance repairer and you’re sure of their qualification, you can go ahead and book for their services. Remember that appliance repair is efficient, environmentally friendly, and less costly than the cost of buying new appliances, especially when the damage done is not so much.