Use Android Device Kiosk Mode For Kids Safety

Use Android Device Kiosk Mode For Kids Safety

Does your kid insist for a cell phone? 

Are your child’s tantrums unmanageable? 

Do you wish to get complete control of kid’s gadget? Now you can with the Bit Guardian Parental Control’s Kiosk Mode.

Why do parents need Kiosk Mode? 

It is not easy to deal with children when toddlers turn into teens. Often, you have experienced your kid saying, ”Hey, mom/dad I want the mobile phone that my friend purchased because it has amazing features.”  

Despite your efforts explaining to your teens that smartphones are not a necessity, they keep bothering you. Unless you buy a phone, kids won’t stop demanding. 

Nevertheless, the answers to all your above pressing questions are – Kiosk for kids safety.

You might be wondering what is Kiosk Mode and how it protects your kid.

Well, Kiosk Mode is a tool of a popular parental app –  Bit Guardian Parental Control. With this, you can mitigate the risk of mobile addiction.

With no more wait, let us introduce you to Bit Guardian Parental Control App and its prominent feature- Kiosk Mode.

What is Bit Guardian Parental Control App?

Parental control is a software that restricts a child’s online activities. It is built to keep a watch on every minute task your kid is performing on the internet.

Bit Guardian Parental Control is a comprehensive program built for Android users to monitor a child’s digital exposure. It is designed for both parents and kids. 

Bit Guardian Parental Control allows you to control your child virtually. The most unique offering of the app is, you can add an infinite number of children using a single login. It provides distinct features ranging from the safety of kids to detecting the lost phone. 

One of the prominent features of this app is the Kiosk Mode.

What is the Kiosk Mode?

The Android device Kiosk Mode is an advanced parental control that enables you to take complete control of your kid’s gadget.

Kiosk Mode restricts kids to use other apps and contents unless you permit.

It creates a new launcher on the home screen of the child’s phone. Children can get access to only those apps that you have added. 

Let us check the uses of Kiosk Mode:

Uses of Kiosk Mode:

  • Absolute control of child’s device
  • Limited access to apps automatically reduces screen time.
  • When countable options are available for using applications, kids can focus on other activities.
  • Reduces obsession of cell phone which in turn allows brain development and enhances creativity
  • If educational and inspirational applications are installed on a dashboard, gradually it turns into a good habit.
  • You are safeguarding a child’s interest by permitting good content exposure and blocking harmful programs.
  • Being a decision maker of teen’s gadget, chances of online threats like Ransomware, Malware, Hacking, Botnets, and many more risks get minimized.

Your kid will require control of few features of Bit Guardian Parental Control software like Panic Alerts for physical safety, Anti- Theft to find the lost gadget and other functionalities for better digital protection.

You can set Kiosk Mode, a launcher on kid’s phone which they cannot jailbreak easily.

Apart from this, there are various survey reports showing teens addiction to gadgets that create tension at home. 

According to, “Common Sense Report Finds Tech Use Is Cause of Conflict, Concern, Controversy.”

“According to the latest report issued by Common Sense Media which finds that 50 % of teens “feel obsessed” with mobile devices, and 59 % of their parents provide a consensus that teens are addicted. Furthermore, the concern of overusing mobile phones in daily lives bothers both parents and kids i.e. from driving to the dinner table – with at least 33% of the families in the Common Sense poll in daily arguments.”

“Mobile devices are drastically changing families, and their routine lives like studying, riding or having dinner together,” said James Steyer, founder, and CEO of Common Sense. Mobile addiction creates issues in homes if not cured at an early also affects children’s development which in turn harms their learning and personal growth. We all have to take responsibility to curb media use and obsession of devices by helping parents and kids with smart choices. “


Check improvement in your child’s smartphones habit by installing Android device Kiosk Mode.

It’s high time! Get rid of the kid’s tantrums regarding cell phone usage with Bit Guardian Parental Control App. Open your Google Play Store and download it for free now!