5 Ways You Can Truly Experience the City of Haridwar

Delhi to Haridwar

One of the holiest cities in India, Haridwar was formerly known as Gangadwar in ancient times. The city name can be literally translated into Hari ka Dwar which means Gateway to Lord. The Ganges in Haridwar is believed to make the entire city holy and taking a dip in the flowing waters has been an age-old tradition for devotees.

If you are travelling from the capital city, the best option for the commute is through a Delhi to Haridwar bus. 

Here is how you can truly experience the city of Haridwar:

Visit the serene Hari ki Pauri Ghat

Visit the serene Hari ki Pauri Ghat
This place should definitely be first on your itinerary. Hari Ki Pauri is the sole reason for Haridwar being the holiest places in the country. Visit this place in the evening hours to witness the most appealing visual. The Ganges shines up with devotees performing aartis. You can sense purity and spirituality in its best form at this place. Do not miss the traditional aartis. 

Enjoy a trek to Mansa Devi Temple

Enjoy a trek to Mansa Devi Temple
If the wild animals and eerie stories don’t scare you, then the trek to Mansa Devi Temple will be the best thing to experience in Haridwar. Walkthrough the magnificent path to pass by many Sadhus along the way. Reaching the temple will be one of the best views you have ever witnessed. It is serene, calm and has an unmatchable aura attached to it. 

Take a stroll around the Jungle

Take a stroll around the Jungle
Alluring people with the magnificent Ganges, Haridwar has become a bustling destination for tourists. Take an 18 km further journey from Haridwar to reach the famous Rajaji Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary is known for its wild bears, tigers, elephants, a number of endangered species and an enormous variety of flora and fauna. This dense forest showcases beautiful views of nature’s fascinating powers. Include this place in your itinerary and feel the peace of the wilderness. 

Get the blessings at the divine Chanda Divine Temple

divine Chanda Divine Temple
A perfect place to start your day! Take an early morning hike to the hill-top of Neel Parvat or use a ropeway to reach right into the lap of the temple premises. Seek the blessings from the Goddess Chanda Devi and enjoy a spectacular view of the entire city.

Indulge in Early Morning Meditation

Morning Meditation
One of the best things to do in Haridwar is definitely, meditation. Haridwar is home to a number of ashrams that teach the art of yoga and meditation. When here, choose one of the many options available to spend some time meditating or practising yoga. Some of the famous ones in Haridwar include Shanti Kunj and Patanjali Yogapeeth. These ashrams keep conducting various programmes throughout the year. These places showcase a serene ambience, food and the perfect accommodation. 

Now that you have a list of things to do in Hardwar for a peaceful vacation, don’t wait. Book your tickets and pack your bags to enjoy the spirituality and divinity of the city. You can opt for Delhi to Haridwar bus booking for a comfortable travel experience.