A Strawberry Moon in This Weekend Will Be Visible Across The World

Strawberry Moon

June’s full moon, called the strawberry moon, will appear on Saturday evening. It will reach its peak at 11:42 p.m. ET, shining brightly and looking golden. It’s a great way to celebrate the start of summer. According to NASA, the full moon will be visible all weekend, from Friday night to Monday morning. If you have clear skies, keep an eye out for the bright star called Antares, which will be on the right side of the moon. Also, you should also be able to see Venus and Mars.

The Unusual Name

The Algonquin tribes gave the June full moon its nickname, the “Strawberry moon,” because it coincided with the peak of strawberry ripening in the northeastern U.S. Native American tribes have given names to many full moons, such as the worm moon in March and the flower moon in May.

Interestingly, the full moon in June has different nicknames that are not related to its appearance. One of these is the “Honey Moon,” an old European name derived from the end of June when honey was traditionally harvested. Also, many of these names are quite old and historical as well. 

The Reason Why It Happens

During a lunar eclipse, known as a Blood Moon, the Earth blocks the sun’s light from reaching the moon. This causes the moon to appear reddish. The Earth’s atmosphere scatters blue light, allowing only red light to pass through and giving the moon a faint scarlet colour.

The Unusual Name

A Hint of Astrology

Full moons mark important moments when things reach their peak, come to an end, or bring new realizations. They have strong celestial energy. While new moons are usually seen as practical times for planning and setting intentions, you can also use full moons for manifestation. 

Think of it as working with cosmic energy and doing magical practices rather than trying to control your life’s purpose. For a simple yet powerful full moon ritual, we suggest using WeMoon’s guide for setting intentions and bringing them into reality. Moreover, grabbing unique opportunities will result in fruition during this time.

How To Get A Clear Vision 

Wait until later in the night to have better visibility. Thunderstorms may affect the evening skies, but they should clear after midnight. States like Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, and more are good for sky viewing, but some areas might have clouds. To get a clear view we must first find a spot from where the night sky appears to be clear and spotless. 

New England, the Central and Southern Plains, and the Rockies will have the worst views, but storms will diminish later. Many areas will have temperatures in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, with muggy conditions in the Central U.S. 

How To Get A Clear Vision 

Other Celestial Alignments

On June 14, before dawn, you can see Jupiter near a crescent moon. After the summer solstice on June 21, Venus, Mars, and the crescent moon form a triangle. The Big Dipper is visible in the northwest sky all month, shining brightly. Also, this is a multitude of events for stargazers. If you count yourself one, jump on the bandwagon and dust your telescope well. 

The full strawberry moon reaches its peak at 11:42 p.m. Eastern time on Saturday night. It will continue to appear full until Monday, as stated by NASA. The name “strawberry moon” comes from the abundance of juicy berries available during this season.


1. What’s the Strawberry Moon?

It is the popular name for the full moon in June.

2. When can you see the Strawberry Moon?

You can see it on June 3 this year. 

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