10 items in Bengali Wedding lunch menu

Bengali Wedding

Every particular menu in the state is different from one another. Especially when it is associated with a Bengali lunch menu. But few occasions have unbelievable similarities. Like between Bengali Wedding Catering in Howrah and Caterers in Durgapur. 

Bengali Wedding lunch menu :

  • Steamed rice

Easy Steamed White Rice Recipe - Chowhound


Bengalis love rice so any wedding without rice is incomplete. The caterers of Durgapur and Wedding Catering in Howrah serve rice with different delicacies such as dal, fish, alu bhaja which is heavenly for any guests. 

There are many versions but the long grain basmati rice is quite famous and is a part of every bengali feast especially weddings.

  • Sona Moong dal

moong dal recipe | moong dal tadka | restaurant style yellow moong ...


Moger dal is another lentil based delicacy and is a must include in any bengali wedding food menu. The wedding caterers of Durgapur and Wedding Catering in Howrah serve this dish with rice, kosha mangsho, papad, fish which acts as a main course altogether. 

Moong dal is very yummy and is an important part of auspicious bengali festivities.

  • Jhuri Jhuri aloo bhaja

Jhuri jhuri aloo bhaja/crispy potato fry recipe - YouTube

Jhuri aloo bhaja needs no introduction in the bengali delicacies. The wedding catering in Howrah and Caterers in Durgapur serve this crispy, fried potato dish alongside some steaming rice, hot dal, lemon which totally justifies its own existence. Not only in weddings, jhuri aloo bhaja is omnipresent in any bengali wedding canon.

  • Macher Kalia

Rui Macher Kalia - Most Famous Bengali Traditional Fish Recipe ...


Bengalis love fishes and they know how to cook their fish like a pro. While serving fish kalia, the wedding Catering of Howrah and Caterers in Durgapur serve it with pulao which is a perfect combination.

The rohu fish is marinated in a bunch spices and cooked with yogurt, onion, tomato and raisin. The gravy tastes heavenly when served with mishti pulao.

  • Macher Paturi

Bhetki Macher Paturi - Most Popular Bengali Fish Recipe Bhetki ...


It is considered as an all time favourite fish dish which is wrapped in banana leaf. The wedding Catering in Howrah and Caterers in Durgapur marinate fish with mustard paste or kasundi, curd and a lot spices before being cooked in banana leaf. The dish works best with bhetki or hilsa fish.

  • Papad


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It is the famous papad that Indians have at the end of a meal. It has good absorbing capabilities which helps in cleaning the oil and spice from the mouth. The caterers in Durgapur and wedding catering in Howrah serve papad with different dishes to bring more flavour and it acts as a catalyst. So it’s a must include in any wedding parties in West Bengal.

  • Misti Doi

Mishti Doi, How to make Mishti Doi (Step by Step Photos)


It is a fermented sweet yogurt. Misti Doi is like an emotion to every bengalis. Made with milk and jaggery sugar, the caterers in Durgapur and wedding catering in Howrah serve this dessert in almost every wedding. It can also be seasoned with elaichi for fragrance. The guests are sure to fall in love with this magical flavour.

  • Rosogolla or Sandesh

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Rosogolla is one of the most famous Bengali sweet desserts. Rosogolla refers to ball shaped dumplings of chenna in sugar syrup.  It  is one of the many reasons why people have a visit to kolkata and its a must in any Bengali wedding.

The caterers in Durgapur and Wedding Catering in Howrah include this item as a dessert.

That was the most common form of similarities between the Bengali lunch menu of Caterers in Durgapur and Wedding Catering in Howrah.