Top 5 Tips on How to Pack Dishes for Moving

Pack Dishes for Moving

When moving, there will be plenty of handle-with-care items to worry about. The electronics aside, the bulk of these items come from – yup! – your kitchen.

It may not have cost you much, but the last thing you want is to get to your new pad only to find a dish from your dinnerware broken. There will be a sense of loss in the immediate (probably tears) but long-term speaking, that will most likely necessitate a reinvestment in a whole new set altogether.

If you are enlisting a professional NYC moving company for a full-service move, there is no cause for worry as these are pros well versed with the essentials.

If you plan to pack DIY, though, there are tips you can borrow to ensure your dishes or china arrive at the destination in one piece; not in pieces.

Stack them Vertically

A lot of people can be forgiven for stacking plates horizontally in the box when packing for a move. After all, that’s how they sit in the cupboard.

Thing is, though, even when wrapped in paper, this exposes your dishware to potential breaks with every bump on the road.

The best way to pack plates, saucers, and bowls is to stack them vertically in the box (with each item wrapped, of course) and then use soft material like dish towels to fill the excess space.

Make use of Paint Buckets

Sure, this method involves wrapping plates and stacking them on top of each other in a bucket. However, if vertical stacking is for some reason not feasible for you, this is a good alternative.

The good thing about paint buckets (as opposed to say, a standard moving box) is that they are sturdy and firmer and thus the plates will not be able to bounce and shift around much. Not to mention, the bottom of the bucket doesn’t run the risk of breaking open.

Just don’t forget to wrap each piece separately.

Roll and Tuck the Glassware

First, fill each open side of your glasses with paper, then use packing paper to wrap each piece individually. Feel free to double-wrap the items in the case of crystal or very thin glassware.

When loading up glasses (and cups) in the box, the best way is to have them standing upright. For cups and mugs, it is okay to stack them atop each other, but make sure the heavier items take up the bottom.

About the Boxes…

Make sure to properly set up each box designated for the dishes and tape its bottom nicely. Avoid duct tape or masking tape and opt for strong, wide packing tape instead.

Dish boxes shouldn’t be too heavy to avoid the bottom crumbling under the weight. And don’t forget to label each box when finished.

Don’t skimp on the packing paper

The key to packing dishes is to insulate them with a generous amount of padding, so wrapping paper will be your best friend when packing your crockery.

The idea is not to have everything looking neat, but more like have adequate layers of paper covering your fragile items. In fact, the more crumpled, the better the protection!

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